Trump goes after Zuckerberg over $2 million donation to GA election board: ‘Why isn’t he being prosecuted?’

Former President Donald J, Trump called for the prosecution of Mark Zuckerberg over a report that a group connected to the Facebook/Meta CEO gave $2 million to a Georgia elections board, a donation that may have violated state law.

“‘Why isn’t he being prosecuted?” Trump lashed out after Fox News Digital reported that a watchdog group is calling for an investigation into the “flagrant and egregious” violation of a Georgia state ban on private funding by the DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections, a prohibition that was put into place after accusations that left-wing donors had exerted influence over the 2020 elections.

“He cheated on the Election(s). The whole system is RIGGED. Why isn’t he being prosecuted? The Democrats only know how to cheat. America isn’t going to take it much longer!” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social along with a link to the Fox News report.

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In a second Sunday post, Trump returned to the theme of the 2020 election which he continues to insist was “rigged” against him and suggested that the 2024 election could be stolen as well.

“Crooked Democrat Prosecutors, many of them Racists in Reverse, are trying to steal a second Presidential Election. They did it in 2020, and we’re not going to let them do it again in 2024. MAGA!!!” Trump wrote on his social media platform.

(Image: Screengrab/Truth Social)

The questionable funding came from a group linked to the Facebook/Meta boss, the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence, spurring the call for a probe into the money by the watchdog, The Honest Elections Project which called for the investigation by the state attorney general, secretary of state and state elections board.

“We’re now fairly well convinced this is an attempt to do two things,” Honest Elections Project Executive Director Jason Snead told Fox News Digital. “To get around those bans on private funding by doing either what they did in DeKalb County, by looking for loopholes and end-a rounds, doing what they can to get money into these offices; or by doing what I think they feel is even more important work, which is to pump influence into these offices.”

“I’ve requested that @Georgia_AG, @GaSecofState , and the State Election Board investigate the DeKalb County Board of Registration and Elections for violating Georgia’s ban on outside election funding,” Snead wrote on Twitter on Friday, announcing the request for the probe into the election board and the $2 million in Zuckerbucks.

“Last month, we released a report that exposes the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence for what it really is: A dark money-fueled scheme to push liberal voting policies and influence elections,” Snead wrote, referring to a comprehensive report by the watchdog group detailing the use of “’Zuck Bucks’ 2.0″ and other left-wing money to influence the election process through the e U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence’

“If we allow outside special interests to pump millions of dollars of private funding into elections, we erode the public’s trust in the system,” he added.

“After we raised the issue, the Georgia State Election Board said that an investigator has been assigned to two different complaints!” Snead said in an update.

Trump continues to insist that the 2020 contest was bogus and that Joe Biden was installed into the White House as a result of leftist chicanery with the vote and refuses to give up the ghost despite the widespread condemnation of Democrats, the media and many Republicans who want to focus on the future instead of the past,

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“Let’s do a full forensic audit of the $417 million given by Mark Zuckerberg – who used to come to the White House and kiss my ass – they spent to take over local election offices in key Democrat counties,” Trump said during a speech at last year’s CPAC conference.

“He gave $417 million. What the hell is going on?” Trump asked.

“No superintendent shall take or accept any funding, grants, or gifts from any source other than from the governing authority of the county or municipality, the State of Georgia, or the federal government,” the Georgia law states.

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