Trump reportedly singles out two red state Democrats he wants to take down

Former President Donald J. Trump is rolling toward the election with a full head of steam and revealed the names of two Democrat senators that he’s planning to target.

In a Thursday closed-door meeting with GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill where he rallied Republicans for the battle to retake control of the government from Joe Biden and his wrecking crew, Trump singled out Sens. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) who are facing tough reelection fights in red states.

An unnamed source who was “in the room” told Fox News Digital that Sen. Lindsey Graham asked the presumptive GOP nominee to speak about how important it is for Republicans to regain control of the Senate and “there are several vulnerable Democrats in the Senate with records very similar to President Biden’s.”

According to the source, Trump said, “They opposed everything I did while I was president, and now they are talking like Republicans.”

Both senators have been distancing themselves from President Joe Biden, a deeply unpopular leader whose toxic presence could sink politicians in close races as polls show Trump pulling ahead in several swing states, putting the need for self-preservation among party loyalty or some Democrats.

In a May statement, Tester said, “I will always stand up to President Biden’s energy policies when they don’t make sense for Montana,” an election-year deviation from the usual Democrat lockstep behind their geriatric leader. He also put out an ad saying that he “fought to stop President Biden from letting migrants stay in America instead of remain in Mexico.”

When asked about Trump’s targeting of Tester, a spokesperson for the senator told Fox News Digital that Trump “signed more than 20 of Jon Tester’s bills into law.”

“Jon Tester does what’s right for Montana. That’s why when President Trump was in office, he signed more than 20 of Jon Tester’s bills into law to help veterans, crack down on government waste and abuse, and support our first responders,” said Monica Robinson of Montanans for Tester.

Trump reportedly mocked Tester over his weight at a fundraising event last month, joking that he looks pregnant.

He “looks pregnant to me,” the former president allegedly said at a fundraiser for Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) at Mar-a-Lago, according to Politico which said it had obtained a recording of the remarks.

“Have you ever seen this guy? He doesn’t look like a fat guy, except that his stomach is out,” the outlet reported that Trump said, “holding his hands out in front of him.”

“Sherrod will work with anyone when it’s right for Ohio and worked with President Trump to renegotiate NAFTA and pass legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs and make sure law enforcement officers have the resources they need to keep themselves safe and keep fentanyl out of Ohio communities,” a Brown spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement.

In a razor-thin Senate, either seat could be the ticket to bringing an end to Biden flunky Chuck Schumer’s reign.

Chris Donaldson


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