Tucker Carlson: Ep. 37 The two defining tragedies of our time

Journalist Glenn Greenwald told Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that Democrats and their media allies have turned against President Joe Biden in part because they’re “completely petrified” that he’ll lose to former President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Carlson’s X show, Greenwald explained why he thinks the media have been bashing Biden as of late in regard to the 2024 presidential election.

“I think what they’re trying to do is to put pressure on the Democrats and Biden to say, ‘look, you’re – this is serious now. Like it doesn’t seem like you have any chance of winning,’ in a last-ditch hope to try and convince Biden to step aside and the Democrats to force him to,” he said.

“Of course, the media is, I mean, completely petrified at the idea that Trump would win, even though part of them knows it will help their careers like it did the first time around. But they really are scared of Trump. They really view Trump as this ultimate menace,” he added.

Watch the full Carlson/Greenwald interview below:

He continued by noting that they’re this deathly afraid because they see and understand from recent polls that Trump really could win in 2024.

“I think the horrified tones [about Trump] are about the fact — two things. One, there’s obviously a good chance Trump will win, and they can’t understand that, and I think that’s the other thing is that all they’ve been saying for six years is that Trump is a white nationalist, that Trump is a racist, that Trump hates all minorities,” he said.

“And here you have increasing numbers of non-white voters doing the exact opposite of what you would expect them to do if they trusted or believed what those people have been saying,” he added.

Indeed, a recent Siena College poll conducted on behalf of The New York Times found that a stunning 22 percent of black voters now support Trump. If accurate, that’s enough to permanently alter the electoral landscape.

Greenwald theorized that this spike in support for Trump among minorities means they’re obviously tuning out the media’s lies and misinformation.

“They’re voting for Donald Trump, the racist white nationalist candidate who wants to put them all into camps. And so if you’re an employee of these media outlets, and you look at the polling numbers, you realize that these people have tuned you out. They don’t care what you say anymore. They don’t trust what you say anymore,” he said.

“They have completely lost any control or influence over how Americans reason because most Americans are smart enough to have come to the conclusion that those people that you just showed in the media and the outlets for which they work are absolute liars, are just propagandists and people who exist to deceive,” he added.

“And that is the good news — that these institutions where people have lost faith in, deserve to have lost their faith and trust. They deserve that contempt and hatred they provoked, and it’s good that Americans are recognizing that, and it’s good that those people there, even though they’ll never question whether they are to blame, are also starting to see that nothing they say really matters and makes a difference any longer,” he concluded.

Democrats view things differently. Appearing on CNN this past Sunday, Democrat Rep. Jasmine Crockett attributed Trump’s rising support among minorities to said minorities being driven more by feelings than supposed facts.

“Here’s the deal,” Crockett said. “Perception is reality, and so when you look at the data that was provided in this poll, it talks about how people feel, and when people decide whether they’re going to the poll or not going to the poll it’s all about how you feel in that moment, and so while the facts may not align with their feelings, their feelings are dictating their reality.”

She continued, “Their reality is that they said that they feel better or they felt better when Trump was in office. But we’ve been trying to push back. We’ve got some very popular African-American artists that are out here saying things like ‘oh, I got checks when Trump was in office, and I want those checks again,’ not understanding that they really came from Congress.”

“So we’ve got a couple of things the perception issue, and then we also have an issue as it relates to civics in this country and people not understanding exactly how any of this works,” Crockett concluded.

According to critics on the conservative right, her remarks demonstrated that Democrats and their media allies don’t have a clue — not a single one — why Democrats are getting trounced by Trump.


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