Tucker goes scorched earth on Biden’s stash of classified docs fallout

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday slammed the bevy of media talking heads and so-called “journalists” who shrieked in outrage when former President Donald Trump was caught with classified materials but are now silent or even defensive in the face of President Joe Biden being busted with his own classified docs.

Speaking on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the eponymous host started by playing clips of various talking heads — from Michael Beschloss to Carl Bernstein — acting apoplectic over Trump’s possession of classified documents.


“It was just this summer that NBC’s hyperventilating House historian Michael Beschloss suggested that Donald Trump deserved the death penalty for keeping classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. … Former CIA Director Michael Hayden agreed. ‘Sounds about right,’ Hayden wrote, because at this point it’s totally normal for CIA directors to fantasize about killing American presidents,” Carlson said.

“The funniest part was Bernstein, formerly The Washington Post, who literally participated in an FBI operation — not guessing, documented — an FBI operation to drive a sitting, duly elected president from office. Carl Bernstein participated in that and he’s lecturing us about how, ‘No, we have to keep the secret things secret,'” he added.

Unless, of course, that “secret thing” was unsecreted by the apparently infallible Joe  Biden.

As previously reported, the president’s attorneys found a stash of classified documents at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement two months ago.

“Last night we learned that Joe Biden, someone with no power to declassify anything when he was vice president, stashed classified documents in the closet of his private office at the very same time he was sending the DOJ after Donald Trump for doing the same thing,” Carlson continued.

“How exactly are our news media going to make sense of this? Well, of course, with maximum shamelessness. Today, CNN trotted out a CIA lawyer called Brian Greer to explain that mishandling classified information is no longer a big deal, in fact, honestly, kids, it happens all the time,” he said.

Not surprisingly, what Greer now has to say is the exact opposite of what he had to say when the exact same scandal came for Trump.

“The CIA lawyer you just saw, Brian Greer, was telling us just a few months ago that Donald Trump, by doing the same thing that Biden did, endangered ‘national security.’ The intelligence agencies, Greer said, ‘have no choice but to assume a compromise and take proactive measures to protect our sources and collection capabilities,'” Carlson explained.

“Oh, that was then, like August. Now, he’s telling you this kind of thing happens all the time. ‘Just calm down. Calm down.’ The rest of the news media has been every bit as brazen. The Washington Post just reported that ‘The case will likely draw comparisons to Mar-a-Lago but appears quite different.’ Really? How is it quite different?” Carlson continued.

It’s not, and that’s the point. It’s only different in how the left — including the media — are treating it versus how they treated Trump’s transgression. For instance, the media appear to believe every word spoken by Biden’s attorneys. They certainly didn’t believe every word spoken by Trump’s attorneys.

“By the way, every news source is telling us there were 10 documents. How do they know that? Well, of course, they don’t know that. They have no idea how many documents were found. They’re just taking Biden’s lawyers’ word for it. That’s not news collection. That’s press release writing, but you will see identical articles in Forbes, in Business Insider and The Hill, the usual places, all repeating the same, scripted talking point,” Carlson said.

Fellow Fox News host Greg Gutfeld also took a shot at these so-called “journalists.”


“I know that the media’s response is that, you know, with Trump, it’s treason or worse than Watergate. With Joe Biden, it’s a nothing suppository. We see that coming as well. We knew this would happen. We’re not stupid, but we’re different, right? They may be right. This might be a nothing burger. And we felt that Trump’s was a nothing burger, but we never change our story based on the ‘team’ that we support,” he said Tuesday on Fox News’s “The Five.”

“We know that this is probably — in my view — I would always think that the person, whoever packed that stuff in there, probably just packed stuff in there,” he continued. “Do you ever have a mover, and they come to your house, and then you’re unpacking, and they packed singularly a disposable spoon from takeout, and it’s all packed in newspaper stuff? What are you doing? So who knows? It could be some idiot who did that. But the thing is, I would not be doing my job if I didn’t raise the important questions that need to be raised about what actually happened.”

Questions that the media aren’t raising, as they’re too busy offering cover and defense for the president’s bad behavior.


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