Tucker receives resounding applause when Joe Rogan ‘tricks’ him into an impromptu appearance

The latest reveal of a surprise appearance by Tucker Carlson earned wild applause and anticipation for a sit down with the nation’s top podcast.

“We were literally at dinner and he’s like, ‘I want to show you my new place…”

The post-Fox News travels of Carlson have seen him tackling long-form interviews with influential figures, CEOs and world leaders alike. Monday, the reveal of a reportedly unplanned stop at the Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas left viewers roaring and hoping a chat with owner Joe Rogan wasn’t far behind.

After teasing in March that he had lured an unsuspecting Carlson into appearing on an episode of Tony Hinchcliffe’s “Kill Tony” podcast at the venue, the March 18 show was released with the audience rising with applause after the host announced, “I think I get to bring up two of my favorite humans on planet Earth. Joining us, ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan.”

“Tucker had no idea this was going on until 30 seconds ago,” explained Rogan as they took their seats on stage. “He had no idea he was coming out on stage. He’s just finding out right now.”

Carlson grabbed the nearest microphone as everyone settled back in and elaborated, “We were literally at dinner and he’s like, I want to show you my new place, and we’re standing backstage and I didn’t know I was coming out ’til I heard my name.”

“By the way that laugh is real,” added Rogan as the surprise guest’s special appearance included his watching a number of standup comedians run through some jokes.

In one exchange with Kam Patterson, the enthusiastic comic greeted Carlson before expressing, “Yeah, this crazy! My grandma hates you n****.”

“She doesn’t mean it!” tried Carlson in return before exploding with laughter when Patterson shot back, “Yeah. The f*ck she does.”

In another segment, comedian Enrique Chacon got roasted in kind after taking some digs at the guest who had offered a compliment.

“Thank you, Tucker. Maybe in return you could get me a green card. I’ll do any gig in this country, but outside the country I have to hit up my man Tucker, you know what I mean?” said Chacon as Carlson replied, “You’re already taking jobs Americans can’t do.”

“I was going to vote for you, but you know what? You lost a good one here, but I actually can’t vote,” added the comedian before Hinchcliffe asked, “Wait, Enrique, who do you think Tucker Carlson is?”

Of course, Carlson wasn’t the only one challenged with identifying someone as at another point in the program Wynonna Judd joined the stage and asked Rogan, “Do you know who I am? Ok, good. Let’s talk.”

After earning massive cheers opening for Kid Rock Saturday to kick off his Rock the Country tour, more people were anticipating the potential Carlson joining Rogan for his podcast or vice versa, expecting that it could come soon now that the former Fox commentator’s trip to Austin had been revealed.

Kevin Haggerty


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