VP Harris mocked for going full Chicken Little on abortion: ‘Women are having miscarriages in toilets’

Vice President Kamala Harris graced ‘The View’ with her unique brand of fearmongering nonsense and hilariously declared that government has no right to tell women “what to do with their bodies.”

After years of demanding that both men and women get jabbed and boosted or risk losing their jobs, effectively rendering them unable to support themselves or their families, leftists like Harris have finally remembered they are supposed to support bodily autonomy. To that end, the vice president hopped on ‘The View’ to detail her experiences traveling the country discussing abortion.


“In this year of our Lord 2024, the government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies,” she said to predictable applause from the audience.

“It’s that basic. And we must fight for it. And so on this issue though guys listen, through traveling the country, we’re all adults,” Harris continued. “Women are having miscarriages in toilets. Women are going to an emergency room for medical assistance with a miscarriage and the doctors are so afraid they might be jailed because in places like Texas, a doctor can go to prison, that women are developing sepsis and it’s only then that they are being treated in an emergency room. It’s a real issue.”

X users were less than impressed with the vice president’s hypocrisy and obvious fearmongering:

Sierra Marlee


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