Walmart gets called out over drag queen book targeting children 4-8: Hold my Bud, Target

Seemingly always a step ahead of the right, the progressive left cleverly instituted a woke scoring system that may explain the madness we are seeing from top corporations. The resulting social credit score on diversity and inclusion — Corporate Equality Index — is overseen by the pro-LGBTQ+ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and is considered all-important by cowardly executives, perhaps even above consumer satisfaction.

This explains Bud Light’s decision to use a possibly anorexic biological male prancing around as if he was a little girl to promote their product, and it is likely a factor in Target using a designer who promotes Satan to produce an LGBTQ+ line to celebrate Pride Month that includes the targeting of children. “Tuck-friendly” women’s bathing suits appear to be a line many consumers won’t cross.

Bud Light sales are still suffering weeks later and Target just took a massive $9.3 billion hit in market value. And it seems that Walmart may want some of that same medicine, as the retail giant’s Pride line includes a book on drag queens reportedly targeting 4 to 8-year-olds.

“TARGET and WALMART are selling this PRIDE book,” one social media user tweeted. “I cancelled my Walmart+ membership and removed the Target App. Book targets 4-8 year olds.”

Interestingly, when you go to Walmart’s website, the book no longer appears. Consumers are greeted with this message: “Uh-oh… This page could not be found.:

Did the retailer pull the book? Turns out, Target also sells the book that introduces children to sexual depravity — at least, online anyway. Hell, even Amazon offers the book to children.

And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as the effort to celebrate Pride Month (June) in America is being taken to the next level it seems, coinciding with pushback to the intentional targeting of young children. The left deceitfully claims this is anti-gay sentiment, but the reality is the LGBTQ+ community and even drag queens were long ago accepted in mainstream society.

The protests are because the radical left simply will not leave children alone, even pushing for genital mutilation and other life-altering “affirmative care” for transgender children.

Boycotts are proving to be effective, and there are some calling for Walmart to be next — a tall order, given how prevalent the retailer is in the lives of many.

“We’ve backed #Target into a corner for selling #Pride merch in the children’s section. Now we go for #Walmart. These woke companies need to know that enough is enough,” a social media user tweeted. “Not ONE MORE F**KING DAY. They’re NOT GETTING our kids.”

Caution: Adult Language

And then there’s North Face, the activewear and outdoor sports gear retailer:

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter:

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