WaPo columnist uncorks doomsday take in racially infused diatribe: ‘Many will not survive’

A Washington Post opinion columnist named Karen Attiah took racism to a new low on Tuesday, claiming that many people of color “will not survive” unless a shift in cultural and political systems occurs.

She spewed racist rhetoric on X, “For decades, we were told ‘Never Again’ to genocide and mass atrocities. The Holocaust. Rwanda. Bosnia. Darfur. We were taught to spot the warning signs–dehumanizing rhetoric, violence, forced depopulation, and the destruction of culture. We were told to speak out and act.”

“Watching the silence, censorship, racism, and hypocrisies on to the assault, starvation, and depopulation of Palestinians in Gaza is revealing. Too many consume history as stimulating entertainment, neatly packaged for movies, classes, and museums. Not as something to act on,” she added.

The anti-semitic tirade on social media was everything you would expect from a columnist at the Washington Post and more.

Attiah claimed that “Western journalistic objectivity died in Gaza.” So did true academic freedom. She asserted that Israelis protecting themselves and responding to over 1,200 being slaughtered by Hamas terrorists proves that no one in America will save people of color. She called on them to save themselves in something that sounds a lot like incitement.

She took a swipe at “white people” in her lengthy thread, which is also not a surprise, and called for “divestment” from systems that allegedly support Israel, although her wording is a bit vague. That is most likely intentional. She lamented that white people just refuse to be educated.

“Attiah pointed to the decision by the University of Southern California to cancel a Muslim valedictorian’s speech at the school’s graduation ceremony after a series of anti-Israel social media posts she allegedly made were discovered,” Fox News reported.

She went on to assert that the university’s decision “shows that the credibility/legitimacy of many liberal institutions died in Gaza.”

In October, following Hamas raping, kidnapping, and murdering Israelis, Attiah contended in a column that “we cannot stand and watch Israel commit atrocities.”

She argued that Palestinians were “rightfully” pointing out “that their own pain and deaths under the actions of the Israeli state have been ignored for years.” She also said that white women are “lucky that we are just calling them ‘Karen’s'” and “not calling for revenge” in a now-deleted posting on X, according to Fox News.

“America is a racist *and* patriarchal society. We cannot dismantle the full range of oppression in this society without addressing how toxic ideas of white masculinity interplay with the notion of ‘protecting’ their women from Black people,” she wrote at the time in response to backlash over her statements.


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