‘We need a new speaker’: MTG claims Mike Johnson ‘betrayed America once again’

The latest “sellout of America” had Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) signaling for voters to be heard as she herself affirmed, “We need a new Speaker of the House!”

Saturday, before yet another congressional recess, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), a minority of Republican legislators and nearly all Democrats voted in favor of providing another roughly $61 billion in funding to Ukraine. The vote of 311-112, with only Republicans voting against, both fulfilled Johnson’s word on foreign aid and marked a third strike in the eyes of his Georgia colleague.

“Mike Johnson betrayed America once again,” wrote Greene on X as she shared her remarks from outside the U.S. Capitol after the vote that included her saying, “This is the sellout of America today.”

Rattling off the list of legislative actions that the Speaker had done that presented him as in alignment with the leftist agenda and President Joe Biden, the fired up legislator also wrote, “House Republicans and the American people would be stronger without his disloyalty and betrayal of his principles. Now it’s time for my colleagues to go home and hear from their constituents. We need a new Speaker of the House!”

During questioning from the media, CNN reporter Manu Raju had specifically asked Greene, who had encouraged constituents to let their representatives have it upon a return to districts during recess, “I mean, given what you said, do Republicans deserve to be in the majority.”

“That’s up to the people because this is the third betrayal by Mike Johnson,” she asserted before breaking it down. “He delivered a two-part omnibus; funded the Department of Justice — 91 federal indictments against President Trump — funded the FBI that raided Mar-a-Lago; gave ’em a brand new FBI building; funded Joe Biden’s open border policies that are killing Americans every single day.”

“Then he reauthorized FISA that spied on American citizens, spied on President Trump’s campaign, and he voted against the warrant requirement, the same warrant requirement that he was for six months ago,” she continued. “And then he did this bullsh*t in here on the House floor — foreign war package that does nothing for America. It’s unbelievable. I’m thankful that America gets to see who this man is. I’m thankful that America gets to see who the people are that voted for this is [sic]. Because this is the only way it’s going to change. People have to see the truth.”

Greene had previously filed a motion to vacate Johnson that has yet to be brought up for a vote, but that particular sword of Damocles had not prevented the speaker from running counter to the stalwart conservatives within the lower chamber.

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie (R), who recently co-sponsored Greene’s motion to vacate, took to X in reaction to his state peer Rep. Andy Barr (R) about the lack of border funding and wrote, “WHAT HAPPENED: We told Johnson to attach US border bill to foreign aid & put in same rule. Johnson needed Dems, wanted separate show-vote on border to give guys like Andy (who voted for $100b foreign aid) political cover. We refused to go along with charade in rules committee!”

Tacking on, Texas Rep. Chip Roy (R) affirmed, “100%. Those who voted to fund Ukraine’s borders instead of America’s KNEW for certainty that the separate (unattached to Ukraine) border security was going to die in the Senate, and are now dying for cover — so they’re casting blame. Own it. #UkraineFirstCaucus.”

Adding clarity to the vote’s outcome, Greene pointed out Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s own reaction to the latest American taxpayer handout with a personal thank you to Johnson “for the decision that keeps history on the right track.”

“Zelensky thanks Speaker Mike Johnson (D-Ukraine) for sending $61 BILLION of your hard-earned tax dollars to fuel a foreign war. Johnson once again passed a bill with the help of Democrats while the majority of the Republican majority voted against it. Not only is Mike Johnson a traitor to our conference, he’s a traitor to our country,” asserted the congresswoman.

The gratitude did not stop with the Ukrainian leader as Greene also pointed out, “Speaker Johnson has been thanked by Zelenskyy, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and the Democrats for funding $61 billion to Ukraine, but Republican voters are absolutely done with him.”

No matter the decision on the motion to vacate, the Georgia legislator indicated that after recess, “Mike Johnson is a lame duck.”

Kevin Haggerty


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