James O’Keefe: ‘Time to expose the intel community… you all better have my back’

O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) is reportedly about to publish undercover video that promises to expose U.S. intelligence officers, and James O’Keefe wants to be sure the public will stand by him.

O’Keefe was apparently prompted to act after watching Tucker Carlson’s explosive sit down with Joe Rogan in which the former Fox News host stated that U.S. lawmakers live in fear of the intel agencies.

“Members of Congress are terrified of the intel agencies,” Carlson told Rogan. “I’m not guessing at that, they’ve told me that, including people on the intel committee, including people who run the intel committee. Including people whose job it is to oversee and keep in line these enormous secretive agencies whose budgets we can’t even know, their ‘black budgets.’ They’re the parents, the agencies are the children.”

“They’re afraid of the agencies,” Carlson stated. “That’s not compatible with democracy. Democracy is a pretty simple system, even representative democracy like ours.”

Carlson recalled a recent conversation he had with a “famous” elected official:

“And I said to somebody, a very powerful person, the other day, in a conversation in my kitchen, an elected official — holds a really senior position, a very famous person, I was going crazy,” Carlson continued. “I was so mad about all this stuff and about the warrantless spying and about the funding for these insane wars, and I said to the guy who serves in one of the legislative bodies, I got so mad my dogs were afraid…”

“But I was like, ‘All these people are controlled. They’ve all got weird sex lives, and all these things they’re hiding, and they’re being blackmailed by the intel agencies.’ And he said, and I’m quoting, ‘I know.’ I was like, okay, so at this point, we’re just sort of admitting that’s real? Like, why do we allow that to continue?” Carlson asked.

Carlson’s straw cracked O’Keefe’s covert back.

“It’s time to expose the intel community on video,” O’Keefe wrote Saturday on X. “Elected officials are afraid of them because they could use personal stuff as blackmail.”

“Do not run for office unless you’re willing to lay down your life for your country,” he added. “Do not run if fear is in your vocabulary.”

Later on Saturday, O’Keefe suggested he has “receipts” and called on his followers for support.

“If I publish the video [O’Keefe Media] has of these intel guys, you all better have my back,” he wrote on X.

If the replies are any indication, the investigative reporter has nothing to fear.

“LFG!!!” exclaimed the popular Gunther Eagleman account.

“We have your back in every way we can, James,” stated influencer HealthRanger. “Happy to mirror your findings across all our platforms and editorial sites, and bring more attention to your efforts.”

“Cool,” declared Constitutionalist Mark Pukita. “LFG!”

Others cautioned O’Keefe to be careful.

“Well, even the secret service couldn’t protect Kennedy when he said he wanted to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces,” warned one user on X. “Pray, a lot – this requires Divine Intercession.”



Melissa Fine


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