‘We stand behind Jack 100%’: No strong leads as parents of murdered ID student say ex-boyfriend is innocent

The quiet college town of Moscow, Idaho was rocked by a quadruple homicide last week and the parents of one of the victims are defending their daughter’s ex-boyfriend while recent police updates note there were multiple people in the home at the time of the murders.

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Murder victim Kaylee Goncalves’ parents assert that their daughter’s ex-boyfriend, Jack DeCoeur, 26, is innocent in connection to the homicides and state that they stand behind him “100 percent,” according to Fox News. The investigation into the murders has revealed that Kaylee, 21, called him a number of times the night that she and three of her roommates were knifed to death while sleeping.

Steve and Kristi Goncalves sat down for a heart-wrenching interview with Fox News host Lawrence Jones on Saturday to discuss the ongoing investigation into the brutal murders that left four of six roommates dead. There are still no strong leads in the case.

The parents are adamant that the police are wasting their time considering DeCoeur as a suspect.

“Jack is just as distraught as we are. Jack is our family. Jack’s is 1,000 percent, 2,000 percent our family, and Jack is with us,” the mother said. “We stand behind him 100 percent.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

The mother noted that they “would have eventually been married.”

“They would have eventually had children,” she sadly remarked. The distraught mother also explained that they had dated for years and were in the process of getting back together. “We are supporting him, and we know in our hearts and our minds and our souls and the depths of our souls, Jack is hurting.”

“Maddie was in our oldest daughter’s wedding,” Kristi Goncalves commented also stating that she was like a daughter to them. “Every time we traveled out of the country or went on vacation, Maddie went with us, so this is both of our girls, and we will never stop looking for who killed them.”

Kaylee and Maddie Mogen, 21, reportedly called DeCoeur at least seven times not long before they were killed in the early hours of that Sunday morning. Xana Kernodle, 20, and her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, were also stabbed to death. Two were found dead on the second floor and two were found on the third floor of the residence.

“Some of the victims had defensive wounds and each victim was stabbed multiple times,” Moscow Police Captain Roger Lanier said.

He also recounted that there were no signs of sexual assault and no one was tied or gagged.

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Police do not suspect the person or persons who drove the girls home Friday night. They are looking at tire tracks outside the home and are investigating whether the killings are connected to the recent skinning of a pet dog. The students were allegedly killed with a Rambo blade which may have also been used on the dog.

There have been no murders in Moscow in seven years. The homicides have shaken the community to its core and no one feels safe now.

Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman stated on Fox News Digital that the victims may have been too shocked to cry out as they were stabbed to death in their beds.

“People aren’t talking when they are focused on not dying. That doesn’t disturb me too much. It’s not TV. You might say something at first, but then you’re focused on stopping the attack,” he remarked.


Two girls, Dylan Mortensen and Bethany Funke survived the attack but didn’t call 911 for some reason. Neither girl was hurt in the attack and they are not considered suspects. Someone reportedly did call 911 from a cellphone but it is not clear who made that call. Police say there were multiple people in the home but did not explain exactly what that meant.

“There were ‘other friends’ in the residence when the 911 call was made,” police said according to the Daily Mail.

There were no signs of a break-in at the house police said at a press conference last Wednesday. Chief of Moscow police James Fry said nothing was stolen and there was a keycode lock on the house.

“We’re not 100 percent sure if the door was unlocked, but there was no damage to anything and the door was still open when we got there,” Fry reported.

No suspects have been named and no one has been arrested. The murder weapon has not been found and the killer is still on the loose.

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