‘Welcome to the party, pal’: Twitter unsympathetic when NYC mayor visits El Paso to whine about migration

With the first cracks in the dam of Democrat unity over the Biden regime’s failed immigration policies having already appeared with migrants flooding into the cities run by left-wing politicians, one of them paid a visit to the southern border where New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for the federal government to do more to address the crisis.

On Sunday, Mayor Adams went to El Paso, Texas to personally observe the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe as the ripple effects have overwhelmed resources in the Big Apple where officials are forced to deal with feeding and housing thousands of illegal aliens who have been arriving by the busload, two days after he said that the city had reached a “breaking point” over the influx of migrants, over 3,000 of whom arrived last week alone.

“On the ground in El Paso last night. This is a national crisis and we need a national solution. Mayors like @OscarLeeser and I are on the front lines and we need federal support,” tweeted Adams on Sunday night, practically begging for help from a White House that has all but rolled out the red carpet for the invaders since Biden took office two years ago.

“We’re pointing the finger … at our national government,” Adams said at a Sunday press conference with his counterpart, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser. “This is a national problem. We must have real immigration reform, and we must immediately have a short-term fix of making sure that the cost of this does not fall on our local cities.”

“Our cities are being undermined. And we don’t deserve this. Migrants don’t deserve this. And people who live in the cities don’t deserve this,” he added. “We expect more from our national leaders to address this issue in a real way.”

“No city deserves this,” Adams said. “El Paso does not deserve this, Chicago, Washington, Houston, Los Angeles, New York… no city deserves what is happening.”

“You cannot solve these problems from an ivory tower,” he said. “You must be willing to go on the ground, and that is who I am as a person no matter what crisis we are facing, I believe that part of my role as the mayor is to go on the ground and that’s why I’m here in El Paso now.”

(Video: YouTube/KTSM)

Adams also took a shot at Colorado Governor Jared Polis who had joined Republican governors who have been relocating migrants from their states to New York City and Chicago, cities that have been forced to rethink their championing of illegal immigration now that the problem is in their own back yards.

“The governor of Colorado, who’s a Democrat, and … the governor of Texas, who’s a Republican – I think they had a bipartisan disrespect for the cities, and it was wrong and it should not happen, and it should not continue,” said Hizzoner.

However, Polis quickly caved on busing the migrants out of state, surrendering meekly after whining by Adams and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Twitter users were largely unsympathetic to Adams, taking to the platform where they roasted the mayor, generously basting him with the juices of his own hypocrisy.

Mayor Adams will have a chance to rally support when he travels to Washington, D.C. later this week where he will attend the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Chris Donaldson


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