Were bank shooter’s pronouns scrubbed after shooting?

More has been learned about the suspect who opened fire at a Louisville bank Monday, but even more questions were raised by his inclusive social media presence, scrubbed since the tragedy.

The public was still awaiting answers on the much-ballyhooed manifesto from the Nashville Covenant Christian school murderer when 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon was said to have begun live-streaming his own rampage at the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky. As previously reported, five deaths had been confirmed and, according to the Daily Beast, they were identified as Tommy Elliot, 63, Jim Tutt, 64, Josh Barrick 40, Juliana Farmer, 57, and Deana Eckert, 57.

Many had taken notice of the suspect’s LinkedIn profile and couldn’t help but notice that the young man included pronouns in his bio. However, others began to share what appeared to be an edited version of that same profile without the “(He/Him)” designator.



A review of Sturgeon’s profile Monday in fact did show the pronouns to be present, but his page had since been removed. As has been the case in previous incidents, the implication appears to be an effort to control the narrative around the tragedy and avoid tackling the serious issues that the suspect may have been facing before committing such a heinous act. Furthermore, CNN reported that the suspect had left a note for his parents in advance.

Donald Trump Jr. opined, “Pronouns in bio and anti-Trump tweets, so it will be out of the news in minutes, if it isn’t gone already. Since the FBI has time to spy on Catholics in Church maybe they can divert some attention to actual terrorists and the alarming rise in…radical leftist extremism?”

Further reports indicated Sturgeon had experienced extensive amounts of head trauma growing up and that he had learned he was going to lose his job at the bank after having worked there for a number of years as both an intern and employee.

Pictures circulated showing the suspect playing high school basketball on the team his father coached wearing a protective helmet. According to a friend who spoke with the Daily Beast, “The big thing I keep going back to is that in the first year of high school, we played football together in eighth grade, he was out most of the year because he had multiple concussions. Then he had a couple more in high school. I’m not saying it’s the cause but I always think back to that… There were times I’d wonder, will this catch up with him? But never in this way. He’s the last person I’d expect would do this.”

“I know everyone always says this about shooters but I truly would have never expected it to be him,” the friend added and noted that he had called Sturgeon “Mr Floyd Central,” a reference to their Floyds Knobs, Indiana high school Floyd Central.

The suspect’s neighbor, Kera Allgeier, also spoke to the outlet and said he and his girlfriend were “Very quiet, soft-spoken. They invited us over a couple of times for cookouts during summer, you know, very friendly. I just don’t understand.”

In addition to those who died, the number of those injured had reportedly risen to at least eight including one Louisville officer shot in the head and said to be in critical but stable condition. He had been identified as Officer Nicholas Wilt, 26, still new to the force.

Kevin Haggerty


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