White House busted for hiding message on Spanish social media accounts

The Biden White House is always propagandizing, though the political messaging may not always be the same when communicating in different languages.

That’s according to the popular X account End Wokeness, which pointed out an Easter Sunday discrepancy between the English and Spanish versions of the White House account.

Most notably, while the English account took great pride in recognizing Transgender Day of Visibility, the Spanish account apparently made no mention of the occasion whatsoever.

“EXPOSED: The White House is deliberately pushing differing messages to its different language-speaking audiences. On the main English account, today they celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility. On the Spanish-language account, zero references to Trans Day Of Visibility. Instead, it honored César Chávez Day,” End Wokeness tweeted.

Of course, Hispanic voters are largely Catholic and tend to be a bit more conservative when it comes to social issues, especially when it comes to gender dysphoria. And it’s fair to suggest that the White House understands this.

Biden’s approval among Hispanic Americans has seen a drop since last year, and The Economist recently reported that Biden’s “weakness among Latinos threatens his re-election.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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