Woman in random doorbell footage pleading for help before she’s carried away found with alleged kidnapper

A shocking example of “see something, say something” unfolded in Oregon where a homeowner’s doorbell security captured a victim’s desperate cries for help.

“…you could tell she was frantic…”

(Video: KGW News)

Sunday night, just before 11 p.m., the unexpected ring of a doorbell in Hillsboro, Oregon went unanswered, but not unaddressed after the homeowner received an alert that a video had been recorded. It was then that she reached out to the police after seeing what appeared to be a kidnapping as a screaming woman was hauled away.

“Please, help me! Please! Help me!”

By Tuesday morning, the Hillsboro Police Department had released a statement detailing that both the victim and the suspect had been located and the man had in fact been arrested for the charge of kidnapping.

“A team of investigators was formed and we requested the assistance of the community in identifying the suspect and victim from the video circulating on social media,” the police reported. “By the early morning hours of April 23rd, the suspect and victim were identified. The suspect was arrested and the victim is safe. The suspect and victim knew each other and this was not a random attack. There is no danger to the public. The suspect is charged with Kidnapping.”

“We are not releasing the names of the suspect or victim at this time,” specified law enforcement.

“She looked scared,” homeowner Marisol told KGW News after requesting her own identity be protected by the news outlet.

Indicating that she didn’t recognize either of the people in the video, the resident described the behavior of the terrified victim seeking aid from anyone who might hear her cries. “In her voice, you could tell she was frantic, and she needed help, and the way she grabbed onto the door in the video when you see it, that is like, not normal.”

Prior to announcing the arrest Tuesday morning, the Hillsboro Police Department had sought help from the public regarding the incident, sharing stillshots of the suspect and the victim “caught on [camera] crying for help before she was picked up and carried away by the above pictured male.”

“They appear to have left in a white pickup (probably an extended or crew cab pickup without a canopy)…The Hillsboro Police are actively investigating this incident as a possible kidnapping incident,” the police had made clear.

Considering the regularity with which soft-on-crime districts across the country had regularly been witness safeguarding the identities of suspects, while users on social media lauded the relatively quick resolution of the kidnapping, many found fault with the anonymity that was not accompanied by a specific reason, “Okay so who is the kidnapper? Shouldn’t we know? She didn’t even try to stop him from grabbing her, did they know each other?”

Kevin Haggerty


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