Zuckerberg thrashed online for trying ‘to look like a normal functioning human’ at UFC fight

Mark Zuckerberg appeared “painfully awkward” during a pre-fight moment at the UFC 298 match.

The founder of Facebook and Meta could be seen in a video clip bobbing his head to music as he waited to greet his friend, featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski before he entered the Octagon in Anaheim, California for the Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

“Having a net worth of $170 billion couldn’t save Mark Zuckerberg from a painfully awkward appearance at UFC 298 in Anaheim Saturday night,” SFGate noted.

“The tech icon appeared with Australian champ Alexander Volkanovski, walking out with the fighter at the Honda Center. Cameras caught Zuckerberg, sporting Volkanovski’s cornermen’s gear, nodding his head to the music while looking around with feigned ease. He put out his hand a few times, seemingly to get a handshake, but played it off each time as no one reached back for him,” the outlet reported.

(Video Credit: TNT Sports)

Zuckerberg did not bring good luck with him. Volkanovski would go on to get knocked out in the second round by Ilia Topuria, ending his four-year title run.

“Midway through the second round, Topuria, 27, landed a picture-perfect fight hook with Volkanovski against the cage, and the Australian collapsed to the canvas at once. With that, Volkanovski’s four-year title reign came to an end, as Topuria became the first UFC champion to represent Georgia or Spain,” The Independent reported.

“I feel so happy right now,” the unbeaten Topuria exclaimed. “They’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it, but guess what? Trust yourself, work tirelessly, have faith, and everything is possible.”

“Look at me, look at me now. I just know my skills. I worked so hard for this. I was knowing always that one day I would become a UFC champion. Guys, it doesn’t matter where you come from if you know where you’re going. It’s time to take the UFC to Spain,” he proclaimed, according to The Independent.

Volkanovski was gracious over the loss but he’s not quitting because of it.

He commented, “Obviously he has some power in his hands. Well done to him, he caught me. I was gonna start working everything, and he got me, so credit to him. He’s a hard hitter, we knew that going in. He wasn’t meant to land like that, but he did. He keeps mentioning Spain, maybe we do a rematch there.”

Evidently, at least one other fighter at the Octagon was enamored with Zuckerberg.

“While at UFC 298, Zuckerberg did make at least one friend. After defeating Henry Cejudo, Georgian bantamweight Merab Dvalishvili hung over the edge of the ring to greet a delighted Zuck in the front row,” SFGate reported.

But what set social media on fire was Zuckerberg’s embarrassing appearance and his nerdish stance while shmoozing with the Australian fighter’s team. Zuckerberg has been involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu himself for the last few years.

The tech mogul was savaged online with one person commenting, “Mark Zuckerberg trying his hardest to look like a normal functioning human at the UFC last night.”

Infowars host Alex Jones wrote on X, “Mark Zuckerberg is a joke! And he is bad luck! His fighter got his ass kicked. Welcome to the real world kuckerberg!”

“He looks deeply uncomfortable when he’s not exploiting children, violating the constitution and rigging elections,” another user wrote.

“He’s an reptilian of course he doesn’t know how to interact with humans,” another remarked.

After that, users lined up to pummel Zuckerberg:


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