Matteo: War is war – 12 truths that shape humanity

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. As the Ukraine fights for its life against Russian invaders, I have compiled twelve perspectives about […]

Biden remains in Delaware as Russia nuclear forces go on high alert, NATO condemns Putin’s escalation

Sunday has been a day of escalation in Ukraine-Russia tensions, as NATO member Turkey signals that it will close the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits to Russian warships […]

Turkey signals it will block Russian warships from Black Sea, says Ukraine attack ‘has turned into war’

In a dramatic shift that could invite repercussions from Moscow, Turkey, a member of NATO with close ties to both Ukraine and Russia, has now called the […]

Heroes or hoax? In Ukraine, effective propaganda prevails amid report Snake Island forces still alive

From the moment Russia stepped foot into Ukraine, images of unbelievable courage and valor from Ukrainian citizens and its military have circled the globe faster than you […]

White House relents on booting Russian banks from SWIFT, looks to seize Russian yachts, mansions

The United States and its allies have stepped up their efforts to cripple Russia’s economy in response to the invasion of Ukraine and will block certain Russian […]

Biden says Putin producing ‘exact opposite effect he intended,’ takes crack at Trump in softball interview

President Joe Biden sat down for an interview Saturday and managed to get some sound-bitey quotes out, such as his statement that Putin is “producing the exact […]

The best political cartoons of the week: Taking in the behind

Cartoons of the week: