Accusations fly when comedian Rob Schneider’s jokes were reportedly too raunchy for some GOP lawmakers

Claims alleging a Saturday Night Live alum was cut short in front of a GOP audience for being “gross and vulgar” only amplified the comedian who offered a special message about “woke buls***.”

In recent years, actor and standup star Rob Schneider hasn’t shied about his shifting political views or his personal faith journey and conversion to Catholicism. So, while it seemed a surprise when Politico dropped a report about a performance for “prominent Republicans late last year” where he’d supposedly got the hook, the comic told a different story.

“Why’d they pick tax day?” Schneider himself wondered Monday when Politico reporter Daniel Lippman posted that, after hiring him for a full set, Senate Working Group executive director James Kimmey had stopped the show at only 10 minutes over “‘raunchy’ and inappropriate” jokes that included a bit about “Korean whore-houses,” readily heard in a 2020 Netflix special.

Within the report, it had been alleged that Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) had walked out over the “gross and vulgar” jokes and a spokesperson had told Politico, “She didn’t have to listen to it and so she got up and left.”

Additionally, the outlet reported that an apology had been emailed out the next day from the event that stated, While we do our best to ensure every aspect of our program is professional, courteous, and appropriate, we sincerely regret that the entertainment at last night’s program fell short of that goal.”

Schneider told a different tale as he took to X to inform that he was making his way back to the nation’s capital. “I AM COMING to Washington DC to perform and I will tell you ALL the JOKES that this group of p***ies and professional political a**kissers are whining about!! Go to @dcimprov FOR TICKETS…ONE NIGHT ONLY! ALL political parties (since we only get 2, double China) are welcome!”

He also spoke more directly to the claims made in the Politico report and told TMZ, “I’m not changing my material or apologizing for my jokes to anybody. Enough with this woke bulls***, America’s sick of it. I did 50 minutes because that’s what I was paid to do. Nobody removed me from stage, somebody waved to me at the 50 minute mark.”

As the story had prompted buzz around his name, Schneider took advantage of the uptick in views to plug the September release of his upcoming book, “You Can Do It!: Speak Your Mind, America,” while also calling attention to attacks on free speech abroad.

“Since I’m trending…As my new book goes to print, Brazil has become a dictatorship, Scotland has enacted hate speech laws to attack comedians, while Ireland is debating passing their own versions. Are you paying attention, yet?” posited the comedian.

One more swing at the Politico report included a barb against President Joe Biden and his administration’s impact on the economy as Schneider explained to TMZ that he received the $50,000 that he had been offered for 50 minutes, but it was “devalued by 26% over the last three years,” thanks to Bidenflation.

Kevin Haggerty


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