All about me AOC claims she fears Trump will throw her in jail if he wins

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) claimed that she could be jailed if former President Donald J. Trump wins the election in November.

Democrats and their allies have been wailing that Trump will wage a campaign of vengeance against his political enemies if voters return him to the White House, warnings that are more than a bit hypocritical considering that they’re the ones trying to send the presumptive GOP nominee to prison.

As it always is with the New York City progressive diva, she has to make it all about herself, claiming that she fears being locked up by Trump during an appearance on activist/journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast “On with Kara Swisher” that came out last week.

During the wide-ranging conversation between the two left-wingers that touched on such topics as “tech billionaires trying to escape their meat sacks to democratic socialism and how we build the political inside game to win Medicare for All in the US,” AOC inevitably brought up Trump.

“I mean, it sounds nuts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy threw me in jail,” the attention-seeking Democrat said. “He’s out of his mind. I mean, he did his whole first campaign around ‘lock her up.’ This is his motto.”

“I take him at his word when he says that he’s going to round up people. I take him at his word when he threatens journalists. I take him at his word,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “I feel like what we saw in his first presidency was an amuse-bouche to what his intentions are. He has learned from his mistakes of appointing professionals, and he will not make that mistake next time.”

Trump has rejected claims that he’s motivated by vengeance.

“Number one, they’re wrong,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “It has to stop because otherwise, we’re not going to have a country. Look, when this election is over, based on what they’ve done, I would have every right to go after them, and it’s easy, because it’s Joe Biden and you see all the criminality, all of the money that’s going into the family and him, all of this money from China, from Russia, from Ukraine…”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Trump does absolutely have a chance to win. That is why I have thrown my support behind Biden early and I support it vociferously,” Ocasio-Cortez told Swisher. “It is unequivocal that if Donald Trump wins, we are looking at the potential dissolution of democracy in the United States of America and the question about what would happen to me or the Democratic Party is a joke compared to the question of what is going to happen to our country.”

While there are those who have committed serious punishable offenses in their pursuit of Trump and have good reason to be worried, the congresswoman isn’t one of them because there’s no crime in being a fool.

Chris Donaldson


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