Amazon scrubs iconic ‘Full Metal Jacket’ slogan, film’s star is not happy

The cultural cleansers have been very busy these days, and Amazon has decided to scrub an iconic slogan from the poster for “Full Metal Jacket,” Stanley Kubrick’s classic 1987 war movie.

In the sanitized version featured on Amazon Prime, the words “Born to Kill” have been scrubbed from a helmet that also features a peace sign, which was a statement about the “duality of man” a key component of the critically acclaimed film.

The movie’s top star, actor Matthew Modine who played Private Joker and wore the helmet in the film, angrily reacted to the decision by the online retail and streaming video colossus to erase the message.

“Who decided to remove “BORN TO KILL?” Not only did they alter a piece of iconic art by Philip Castle, but they completely misunderstood the point of it being there. Pvt. Joker wears the helmet with ‘BORN TO KILL’ and the peace ☮️ button as a statement about ‘the duality of man,’” Modine wrote on X, sharing an image of the original and the revised “Full Metal Jacket” image.

“Full Metal Jacket” was the last of Kubrick’s films to be released while he was still alive. The legendary British director died of a heart attack in 1999 at age 70.

Users on X also reacted with outrage over the censoring of the important slogan.

The now 65-year-old actor was part of an ensemble cast featured in the Vietnam-era film that followed young Marines on their journey from boot camp to the carnage of the bloody war in which over 58,000 Americans lost their lives.

(Video: Warner Brothers)

Also starting in “Full Metal Jacket” was Vincent D’Onofrio as the ill-fated “Private Gomer Pyle” along with former real-life USMC drill sergeant Lee Ermey who expertly played a similar character. Adam Baldwin played “Animal Mother” who has one of the film’s most iconic moments when he guns down women and children from a helicopter, and Arliss Howard as “Cowboy” who was one of Joker’s boot camp buddies who he later met in Vietnam for the movie’s climactic final battle.

Nothing is sacred to the “woke” thought police.

Chris Donaldson


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