Ana Navarro unleashes on Marco Rubio, who she likens to a dog: ‘ How dare you?’

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro, who was born in Nicaragua, had the audacity to lecture Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a Cuban-American, on revolutionary Cuba — the senator’s parents fled Cuba just before communist dictator Fidel Castro took power.

Navarro’s true motivation, of course, was defending the miscarriage of justice that took place in a Manhattan courtroom last week when a jury in one of the bluest districts in America found Donald Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee, guilty on trumped-up criminal hush money charges.

Rubio blasted the Trump show trial, comparing the proceedings to trials that took place under Castro while pointing out that “executions” resulted in Cuba. But Navarro ignored that to respond with feigning outrage while comparing the GOP senator to an “emotional support dog” who “kisses [Trump’s] ass.”

(Video Credit: The View)

“How dare you, Marco, how dare you? Fifty-six hundred Cubans, at least, were shot in front of firing squads. Another 1,200 were shot and died because of extrajudicial hearings. How dare you use their name in vain so that you can suck up to this man,” the liberal harpy said. “I know you want to be his vice president.”

“Don’t you dare use the name of these people who died protecting freedom and compare our U.S. judicial system to what happens in Cuba, what happens in Nicaragua, what happens in Venezuela,” she added.

Navarro completed her rant with a few words in Spanish, in a transparent attempt to add legitimacy, but she was effectively parroting the words of President Biden and other Democrats, who claim that those who call out the rigged trial are attacking our system of justice — a two-tiered system of justice under Democrats, where those who protest abortion clinics are sent to prison for years while those who burn down buildings while protesting for the proper left-wing causes walk free.

Sen. Rubio referenced revolutionary Cuba during a recent appearance on Fox News, telling host Sean Hannity that the Trump trial was “a quintessential show trial.”

“This is a quintessential show trial. This is what you see in communist countries,” Rubio said. “This is what I grew up having people in the [Cuban exile] community tell me about. It happened in the days after the Castro revolution. Obviously, those led to executions. This, on the other hand, is an effort to interfere in an election.”

“This is the most outrageous travesty I’ve ever seen. And the problem here is Democrats have crossed this line. They have crossed the line in which now the court system is a political weapon, and it’s going to be very hard for it not to come back the other way. I don’t want that,” he added. “We cannot become one of those countries where people, once they leave office, are targeted through the court system by their political opponents. That’s what happens in Peru. That’s what’s happened in Brazil. That’s what’s happened in all these countries. It cannot happen here. And that is the direction we are headed right now with what’s happened here today.”

He also destroyed Biden while offering his take on the egregious lawfare being waged against the former president — which may be Navarro’s true motivation in attacking Rubio.

“Let’s all be clear about what’s happening here. Joe Biden is clearly senile and declining,” the Republican continued. “He’s clearly weak, which is why the world is on fire. He’s incompetent, which is why we have runaway inflation and a border that is being invaded every single day. And then add to all of that, he likes to lie. He tells people lies all the time about how great the economy is doing, how there is no problem at the border. The guy’s behind in the polls. He can’t win. The only chance they have to win this election is to keep Donald Trump in a courtroom.”

Rubio also shared this clip on social media, adding: “The public spectacle of political show trials has come to America.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is also a Cuban American whose father came to America in 1957 during the Castro revolution, took issue with Trump’s verdict as well, saying it was “the kind of thing you see in banana republics.”

“This trial was conducted by a judge and prosecutor who hate President Trump and were out to drag his name through the mud,” Cruz added. “Joe Biden and the Democrats are cheering this on, as they now get to call President Trump a felon a billion times between now and election day.”

Tom Tillison


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