Anderson Cooper admits Michael Cohen ‘cornered’ in a lie after ‘devastating’ cross-examination

The dramatic grilling of star witness Michael Cohen was an unmitigated disaster for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and the prosecution, and even CNN is admitting it.

On Thursday, the disgraced ex-lawyer and convicted felon showed why Bragg’s decision to stake the entire Stormy Daniels “hush money” case on him was always a risky proposition and Democrat hopes of seeing former President Donald J. Trump jailed before the election may have gone out the window.

During the cable network’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the sordid legal circus, anchor Anderson Cooper described what could be a pivotal moment in the trial when Trump attorney Todd Blanche caught Cohen in a lie, a “devastating” moment in the lawfare case against the former president.

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The crucial testimony was regarding a phone call on Oct. 24, 2016, that Cohen had previously testified was the moment when Trump allegedly told him to go ahead with the plan to pay off the porn queen. But after the cross-examination, Cooper admitted that Cohen had been “cornered in what appeared to be a lie.”

“There had been this series of, I guess, crank calls that Michael Cohen had received. It turned out to be some 14-year-old. There was an exchange of messages between the alleged 14-year-old and Michael Cohen, and then Michael Cohen texted Keith Schiller at like 7:50-something or 7:48 p.m., saying, hey, I’ve got some dope who has been harassing me,’” Cooper explained, saying that Cohen had to “adjust” his testimony.

“It was an extraordinary cross-examination by Todd Blanche and you know, Michael Cohen‘s throughout the day, Michael Cohen, when cornered in, when he found himself in a corner he does have a pattern of suddenly not understanding the question being asked are seemingly kind of, I mean, one could say buying time to try to figure out what, how he wants to answer,” Cooper added.

“But he definitely suddenly starts to, you know, have Todd Blanche repeat questions since ‘I don‘t quite understand what you mean, I‘m confused by the question’ but this time, Michael Cohen was cornered in what appeared here to be a lie,” he said.

“Absolutely. I think it’s devastating for Michael Cohen’s credibility on this one particular topic,” Cooper later told CNN legal analyst Elie Honig when asked if he would have doubts about Cohen’s testimony if he was sitting on the jury.

Trump, who has been gagged in the trial by partisan Judge Juan Merchan didn’t comment on Cohen but he did suggest that Bragg should just drop the case and focus on the rampant crime in his city.

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“People are thinking that Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, who never wanted to bring the Witch Hunt against me in the first place, is going to drop this ridiculous and very unpatriotic ‘CASE’ in order to save lots of money, and also the self respect of his once revered Office. He would then be able to focus on Violent Crime, which is running rampant and totally out of control in New York. The dilemma is, and always has been, the Trump Hating (APPOINTED IN 2009 & STILL ACTING!) Judge, Juan Merchan, who would be confronted with the problem of how he would explain this TRUMP loss, to the Radical Left Democrats, to whom he owes so much? Bring back ‘Justice in America.’ ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Of course, the New York jury is Bragg’s ace in the hole so Cohen being exposed as a liar may not be as damaging as it would be in a normal trial.

Chris Donaldson


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