Anti-capitalist MN teacher ‘loves’ it when students exhibit her lack of ‘respect for authority’

Much like queer theory itself is just a subset of Marxism, a Minnesota school teacher previously exposed for her alphabet activism also appeared to be a proponent of anti-capitalism and anarchism and decried traditional science lessons as “capitalist indoctrination.”

Featured in TikTok videos where coworkers dressed like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) or displaying messages for “pride” as she herself adorned a costume as queer teen celebrity Jojo Siwa, Mandi Jung of Highland Park Middle School in St. Paul, Minnesota evidently has no qualms sharing her personal opinions online or in the classroom.

Previously, it had been reported that she not only inquired about her seventh grade science student’s pronoun preferences but that she also made sure to determine whether they wanted those details kept hidden from their parents.

A further examination of Jung’s social media activity by Fox News found that the Industrial Workers of the World sympathizer is both proud of and begrudging toward her insolent class because of how it impacts her as “the man.”

“My students this year have no respect for authority. And I love that in a person because I have no respect for authority whatsoever,” she said. “But it has been a frustrating year because I am the authority. So I’m like, ‘Damn the man,’ but I am the man.”

After already demonstrating her lack of regard for basic science through pronoun preference promotion, Jung went on to slam cell biology as “capitalist indoctrination” because the order was akin to having a boss and her anarchist’s favorability simply couldn’t deal with that.

“Seventh grade science…the year that you learn that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and all this cell biology. So at the end of the unit, I have [students] take a test,” the middle school teacher explained in a video. “And one of the questions is ‘A person says the nucleus is the most important organelle in the cell. Do you agree or disagree, and why?”

“And almost every child says, ‘Yes, I agree. Because without a boss, the cell would be in total chaos,” Jung went on before praising bacteria as microscopic Marxists. “Bacteria don’t have a nucleus, and they are arguably one of the most successful classes of organisms on the planet. Bacteria out here being the original anarchists, right? No nucleus, no master. Seize the means of metabolism. I don’t know. It’s funny to me.”

Of course, while the school district defended freedom of speech outside the classroom in a statement to Fox News Digital that said, “As a general rule, public employees, as citizens, have the right to personally comment on matters of public importance without restriction or reprisal by their employer,” they said nothing of her bringing those views into the classroom as she recommended the use of a Marxist political cartoon to further indoctrinate against capitalism.

The 1911 cartoon that depicted a class pyramid built upon the backs of workers read, “Capitalism. We rule you. We fool you. We shoot at you. We eat for you.”

Kevin Haggerty


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