AOC gets primary challenger: Time to reset

The “radical” policies of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) have inspired a primary challenge from an unknown Wall Street investor who says it’s time for a change.

Former Wall Street banker Marty Dolan announced his Democrat campaign to take on the far-left “Squad” member in what will be her first primary challenge since 2020. The 66-year-old blasted the Democrat in his campaign launch for New York’s 14th Congressional District, hammering home the effect of disastrous policies on New Yorkers.

“The June 25th, 2024 primary will be a referendum: are we better or worse off from following Radical policies?” Dolan’s announcement asked.

“We are all for the ‘progress’ implied by the word Progressive,” Dolan said. “However, within the Progressive movement, there are Radicals whose influence on the Democratic Party is overweight.”

“The impact in NYC is obvious: bail reform a disaster, the National Guard in the subway, toothpaste locked up in drugstores but criminals running free, scarce resources directed to (non-sanctuary) immigrants coming from all over the world,” he continued.

(Image: Marty Dolan for Congress)

Dolan, who grew up in Westchester County, just like Ocasio-Cortez, and is the son of an Argentinian immigrant father, according to his website which notes that he earned an MBA at Harvard Business School and “has worked extensively in the global risk insurance sector.”

He previously challenged Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) in the 16th Congressional District, later changing districts after New York county executive George Latimer, joined the race, according to Bloomberg.

“I call it a referendum on common sense,” he told the outlet.

“There’s a lot of people who, even in Queens and the Bronx, think, ‘What has she done for us?’” Dolan said.

Dolan contends that the issues have to be addressed “in the context of a runaway $34 trillion federal debt and NYC’s 14% marginal tax rate.”

“The Radicals can’t deliver more than breadcrumbs when they ignore that the primary breadwinners are leaving and brush off taxpayer concerns in favor of abstract populist ideologies,” his announcement stated.

“Enough is enough,” Dolan added.

“New Yorkers have seen it all, including scams like the Radicals offer. But we know better that New Yorkers want NYC to be the best city in the best country in the world,” he continued.

According to Bloomberg:

Dolan’s platform includes plans to advocate for a new federal value-added tax and an additional luxury goods sales tax. The money would be used to reduce the national debt, state pension liabilities and would allow states like New York to lower income taxes. The plan would help New York stave off decades of population loss that have diluted its power and representation in Congress, he argued.


Calling on the need to “reset” the nation’s “income inequality and harmonize regional differences in social policy,” he explained the approach as the ‘Hamilton Plan v. 2.0’ in “honor of one of our greatest New Yorkers, Alexander Hamilton, who forged the independent colonies into a great republic. ”

“Let us move forward together as one people. Let us not wait another two years for the same result,” Dolan’s statement concluded. “Let us reset on June 25th.”

If Dolan is successful in defeating Ocasio-Cortez, it would be “an earth-shattering blow to the Democratic Socialists of America, who have a large foothold in the city, including in the Bronx and northern Queens, which the District 14 seat covers,” Fox News noted.

Ocasio-Cortez had $5.7 million in cash on hand as of Jan. 1, according to Bloomberg which noted that Dolan’s campaign raised $58,000 so far, with $55,000 coming from loans Dolan made to his own campaign.

Frieda Powers


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