Tucker RIPS OPEN the curtain on allegedly ‘safe and effective’ COVID vaccine and death rate

During the latest episode of Tucker Carlson’s program, Dr. Pierre Kory revealed the truth about the allegedly “safe and effective” COVID vaccine.

Kory is the president and co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a group dedicated to preventing and treating COVID-19. And so he has a lot of experience with COVID and its costs.

Its extensive, extensive, extensive costs.

“I mean, we have estimates for how many people have been killed. We have pretty precise estimates for how many people have landed on the disability roles. And all of those deaths and entries onto disability are timed with the onset of the vaccination rollout,” he told Carlson.

“You cannot argue against the temporal association. I mean, the vaccination rollout is when all of the numbers started going sideways. The excess mortality started to skyrocket. The disability claims started to skyrocket. So it’s an immense cost,” he added.


The thing is, Kory continued, the costs continue to rise, despite the pandemic having receded years ago, precisely because, it would appear, of the continued usage of the COVID vaccine.

“In 2023 alone, in the first nine months, we had what’s called an excess mortality of 158,000 Americans,” he said. “That 158,000 is not all from vaccines. There’s a portion that is from COVID. Obviously, we [also] have other societal ills which are troubling. We have a drug epidemic. We have deaths of despair. But those are actually pretty well accounted for and been going on for [awhile].”

What makes the current excess mortality so concerning, Kory explained, is the age at which people are dying.

“It’s not the elderly,” he said. “I mean, our life expectancy in this country dropped by three years in a span of three years. Now, who has to die arithmetically for that to happen? Young people! And what the data is screaming is that it’s not only [that] the young people that are dying, but [that] they’re the healthiest and most employed.”

“So being employed is a risk factor for death now. And so you’re left with two big questions — why was there an explosion in the youngest and healthiest sectors of society, and why did the employed fair far worse than those that weren’t?” he added.

Perhaps because the employed were subjected to vaccine mandates?

According to Kory, America’s disability rolls are also now jampacked with young people.

“In three years, we’ve added, I think, at the last count four million people to the disability roles,” he said. “And again, another signal, who entered these disability roles? The employed entered at higher rates than the unemployed. And so again, why are the most healthiest, employed folks dying at higher rates?”

All good questions.

Later during the interview, Carlson asked Kory why doctors are still promoting the COVID vaccine given the data. The doctor pointed to all the medical journals that are still pushing the vaccine.

“I think many can claim ignorance, because I think most physicians are victims of the lies propagated in the high-impact journals,” the doctor replied. “That is a whole issue — what’s happened to the high-impact medical journals over the last several decades. How they’ve been completely captured and run by the pharmaceutical industry means that the pharmaceutical industry can get doctors to believe whatever they want.”

“It’s the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Lancet, the BMJ, and the Annals of Internal Medicine. When you get a paper in there, I mean, that’s like planting a stake in the ground of truth, right? And so, if you get a paper review paper saying that something ‘safe and effective,’ those doctors are now responsible to inform you because this is the heights of science,” he added.

Kory also addressed the “safe and effective” lie.

“It’s my kind of belief, looking back, that [safe and effective] was a predetermined conclusion,” he said. “There was no data to support that, but it was agreed upon that it would be presented as safe and effective. ”

“And for those of us who were a little bit more skeptical, more data-driven, we saw that it was based on really no data. And the data started going sideways, south, but the refrain got louder and more pervasive, and then they doubled down. They started to demonize the unvaccinated,” he added.

“That’s a criminal act that you’re describing,” Carlson replied. “I could ask you so many different questions about why the people who made that claim and abetted the killing of all these Americans aren’t being held to criminal liability for that. But neither of us is a lawyer.”

Vivek Saxena


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