AOC uses Judaism to argue that ‘fundamentalist Christians’ are wrong to oppose abortion

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) evidently equates abortion with religion, asserting that those of the Jewish faith have no problem with killing babies, just as “so many faiths” don’t either, and if you do, then you’re probably a fundamentalist Christian theocrat with authoritarian impulses.

She said as much in a video clip that surfaced on Twitter Tuesday causing a number of commenters to contend that she has lost it. Using the Jewish faith to defend infanticide goes beyond antisemitic and it is disgusting to many out there. To many, defending the unborn is not theocratic or authoritarian in nature… it is the act of supporting the lives of human beings after conception and before birth.

In her rant, Ocasio-Cortez is simply enraged by anyone who has the temerity to defend the unborn and attempts to use religious affiliation as a cudgel to hammer people into seeing things from her skewed, twisted perspective.

“People say, oh but you know… you’re, you’re harming a life. I believe this is life. Well, some religions don’t. So, how about that? Our Jewish brothers and sisters, they are able to have an abortion according to their faith. You know, there are so many faiths that do not have the same definition of life as fundamentalist Christians. And so, we… how… what about their rights? What about their right to exercise their faith? It’s ridiculous. And it is theocratic. It’s authoritarian. It is wrong,” she declared in the video.

While Ocasio-Cortez may bend her knee at the altar of child sacrifice more commonly referred to as abortion, many out there find it frankly evil and horrific.

People sounded off in response to the video.

One user named Magister Joe tweeted, “So the Catholic Church is fundamentalist now? Okaaaaay.”

Another user pointed out, “There a grand total of *ZERO* world religions (unless you count Satanism) that require abortion to practice their faith. Being legally acceptable is not the same thing as being part of the religious practice.”

“There are countless nonreligious people who agree that killing innocents is wrong. Science tells us that those being killed by abortion are alive and human. You’re whole shtick would be more believable, @AOC, if you became an unlikely defender of the unborn,” another claimed.

The best one hands down came from Dr. Alex Joffe, who tweeted, “I don’t think anyone should take theological advice from this woman.”

Many more piled on and deservedly so:

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