‘Are you f***ing high?’ NBC journo claims parents are fine with kids being exposed to sex, why not drag shows?

NBC News tech and culture reporter Kat Tenbarge is asserting that since parents tolerate their children going to concerts where the singers dress and sing suggestively, they should have no problem with kids going to drag performances and if they do, they’re somehow homophobic.

“Kids frequently go to concerts with female pop stars who wear sexy outfits, perform suggestive dances, and sing lyrics about sex — the kids sing along, wear their merch, and copy their mannerisms. This is never seen as a problem but equivalent drag performances are. You know why,” she tweeted, beginning a long and desperate thread that justifies what many consider grooming and perversion.

She went on to claim that children are allowed to be sexually provocative in what sounded like a back-handed approval of pedophilia.

“Even kids themselves are allowed to depict sexiness. Look at the competitive dance circuit. Look at pageantry. Little Miss USA. Babies in “future heartbreaker” t-shirts posing with their fellow infant ‘girlfriends’ and ‘boyfriends’ of the opposite sex,” Tenbarge continued.

The NBC reporter then pivoted and confusingly stated that it’s actually not about the kids. She also claimed that same-sex parents are better parents than straight ones and blamed patriarchy over and over and over again.

“The PROBLEM is that drag and gender non-conformity and queerness oppose patriarchy. When gender norms are cast aside, when women are free to make their own choices, when people love each other outside the confines of heterosexuality — THAT is the problem. It’s not about the kids,” she said.

“Part of the big lie is making it seem like queer people aren’t fit to be around children. In reality, children raised by same-sex parents are happier and more successful. It’s patriarchy that upholds child abuse and teaches girls they are only baby-makers and obedient wives,” Tenbarge continued.

Again with the patriarchal diatribe… she went on to attempt to falsely claim that children are being indoctrinated by their parents, not by leftists of one gender or another in heels and revealing attire.

“Patriarchy says a man can’t wear a dress. It says that will harm children. Both of those ideas are false and rooted in fear and shame. People are beginning to recognize they have been indoctrinated by patriarchy, and those who uphold it are frantically lying about queer people,” she charged.

“Well, it won’t work. The vast majority of reasonable people see through the lies and the division. More people identify as LGBTQ than ever and you can’t hide your kids from the internet or modern society, which will expose the antiquated lies of LGBTQ hate. It’s a losing battle,” Tenbarge proclaimed.

“Tragically, that battle has a body count. Violent individuals radicalized by online hate rooted in falsehoods and fear are killing people. Rather than stop the radicalization or limit access to killing machines, they’re doubling down in their hatred. It’s imperative to fight back,” she said, appearing to call for violence against parents who don’t want their children subjected to drag queens and sexualization, while simultaneously intimating that they are killers and hate mongers.

Users on Twitter were abundantly clear they were not buying what the reporter was selling in the thread:




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