Arizona Dem Gov Katie Hobbs vetoes Republican Senate bill that would punish illegal border crossers

Arizona’s governor continued to play both sides of the border crisis with a veto critics said made her “Biden’s accomplice.”

Only a few months after Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) had called out the president over failing to secure the border, she took action against her legislature’s attempt to do just that with her first veto of the year.

In a letter issued to the Republican president of the Senate, state Sen. Warren Petersen, the governor asserted that the bill that would make unlawful entry into the country punishable by a fine and six months incarceration for the first offense “did not secure the border.”

“Today, I vetoed Senate Bill 1231. This bill does not secure our border, will be harmful for communities and businesses in our state, and burdensome for law enforcement personnel and the state judicial system,” she claimed. “Further, this bill presents significant constitutional concerns and would be certain to mire the State in costly and protracted litigation.”

Hobbs also took to social media to share her authoritative stamping of the bill and said, “As I stated last week, anti-immigrant legislation to score cheap political points has no place in our state. Today I’m delivering on my promise and I am vetoing Senate Bill 1231. This bill does not secure our border.”

“On the contrary, it will be harmful for communities and businesses in our state and a burden for law enforcement personnel,” argued the executive. “I know there’s frustration by the federal government’s failure to secure our border. But this bill is not the solution.”

State Sen. Janae Shamp (R) who cosponsored the legislation invoked the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley as she responded to Hobbs in the name of Arizonans “being torn apart by similar devastation.”

“The Legislature did its job to protect our citizens, but Governor Hobbs failed to do hers,” said Shamp. “Vetoing the Arizona Border Invasion Act is a prime example of the chaos Hobbs is unleashing in our state while perpetuating this open border crisis as Biden’s accomplice.”

“Arizonans want and deserve safe communities. Our local, county, and state law enforcement officers are pleading for help, and they support this legislation to protect our citizens,” the senator continued. “Their blood, sweat, and tears shed while trying to keep our communities safe from the staggering number of border-related crimes hitting our state will not be in vain. The Republican-controlled Legislature will continue to prioritize closing our border and providing law enforcement with the tools they need. This veto is a slap in the face to them, Arizona’s victims of border-related crimes, and other citizens who will inevitably feel the wrath of this border invasion in one way, shape, or form at the hands of Hobbs and Biden.”

In December, Hobbs had deployed the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border as part of Operations SECURE after the Lukeville Port of Entry had been closed. In doing so, she also sought over $500 million in reimbursement from the federal government with the intent to seek more as her concern appeared to be based on the budget and managing “the flow of migrants” rather than actually preventing what has widely been described as an invasion of America.

Others voiced their own disfavor for Hobbs’ veto as they accused the governor of “threatening all of our lives!”

Kevin Haggerty


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