Arrogant much? Chelsea Clinton credits her family for the reason Fox News was ‘created’

Variety fawned over Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in an interview, discussing their new leftist documentary called “Gutsy” and what it would take to elect a woman as president, while Chelsea ridiculously asserted that her family was the reason for Fox News.

The mother-daughter duo discussed working with each other on the documentary with Variety. It was part of the magazine’s 2022 Power of Women series and the Clintons will grace the cover of Variety.

As the younger Clinton engaged in her own brand of gaslighting, she also bemoaned the network’s “destructive impact” concerning climate change.

“Your family was the first great target of Fox News’ approach,” a reporter stated.

“We were the reason that Fox News was created,” Chelsea claimed. “Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity.”

“As a media enterprise on a much smaller scale than Fox, do you see yourselves as fighting back?” the Variety interviewer asked.

“Climate change illuminated where Fox News was willing to go and its destructive impact. It’s not singularly about Fox News; it’s also about conservative and right-wing enterprises that sprung up during the 1990s and early 2000s,” she charged, smearing the media outlet.

“I’m 42, and when I was in junior high, two-thirds of Americans knew human activity is partly responsible for climate change,” Chelsea posited. “The right proved to themselves, ‘We can hit people with relentless misinformation and every night pipe into their homes to disbelieve scientists – what else could be possible?’ Today, with COVID, it’s the same playbook.”

When asked about Fox News by the Independent, Hillary Clinton went off on them as well, claiming the power wielded by the news network remained “quite frustrating because they get away with it.”

“The so-called mainstream media, even the so-called progressive media, is just not as relentless in rebutting, refuting, and making clear that this is nothing but a play for profits at the cost of truth,” she said. “Tech companies, the rest of journalism, ordinary people with platforms, we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers, point out the falsehoods, point out the hypocrisy. There is a path to limit the damage they’ve done, but it requires leaders on the side of facts and evidence. We now have that with Biden, and he’s making slow progress in trying to open people’s minds and eyes to what reality actually is.”

Clinton was then asked one of her favorite questions concerning whether she thought she would have won the 2016 election if Facebook had never been invented.

“I can’t do that hypothetical,” Clinton answered. “We know that they were unfortunately instrumental in permitting Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign to engage in a massive campaign of mis- and disinformation. I think that would’ve been harder, but I can’t hypothesize about what would have been different.”

Hillary was also queried on whether she agreed with remarks made by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who told GQ magazine that part of her believes there could never be a woman president.

“No, I don’t agree with that. I do agree it’s really hard. I agree that the double standard is alive and well. And so, therefore, any woman in politics or any walk of life faces challenges that men who are equivalent in experience don’t face,” Clinton stated.

She lamented she “came so close,” allegedly receiving more votes, but “unprecedented things happened to me.”

“I do think it’s possible. I do think it’s hard. There’s a line from one of my favorite movies, A League of Their Own: ‘If it wasn’t hard, anybody could do it,'” Hillary Clinton commented.

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