‘Asylum seekers’ arrested for stealing from Chicago Macy’s – promptly released by judge

At least nine different Venezuelan illegal alien migrants — often referred to by the media as “asylum seekers” — have been arrested for stealing from a Macy’s store in Chicago.

The latest arrests occurred Friday, when Venezuelan illegal alien migrants Edys Alberto Herrera-Gotopo, 20, and Johan Gavidia-Rojas, 18, entered the Macy’s in the Oak Brook suburb and proceeded to steal items.

“Prosecutors said the men were both carrying empty bags when they entered the Macy’s store together around 7:10 p.m. on Friday. Working as a team, one of the men put various clothing items in his bag while the other man acted as a lookout, before the men switched roles,” according to local station WFLD.

“Once they were finished, they left the store with approximately $665 worth of unpaid merchandise, and were immediately met by Oak Brook police officers. Herrera-Gotopo was taken into custody but Gavidia-Rojas tried to flee from police, but was arrested after a brief foot pursuit,” the station reported Saturday.

Both men subsequently appeared in court on Saturday to face felony charges of retail theft, which is good. However, Judge Anne Therieau Hayes reportedly denied the prosecution’s request that the two migrants be detained prior to trial. That’s not good.

“The quick apprehension of the defendants in this case sends the message that law enforcement in DuPage County is ready for any would-be shoplifters and if you steal from any of our retail establishments, you will be arrested, charged and prosecuted,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement.

But not detained, evidently …

As previously noted, these were just the latest arrests. Back in mid-October, two other Venezuelan migrants, Abel Barrios-Estava and Rafael Mata-Torres, were arrested after they stole $1,700+ worth of goods from the same Macy’s.

“Barrios-Estava .. allegedly entered the store, took six items of clothing with a value of over $300 and then left the store without paying for the items. As loss prevention authorities took Barrios-Estave into custody, he allegedly broke away and fled on foot across 22nd Street. Following a brief foot pursuit, officers were able to take him into custody without further incident,” WFLD reported at the time.

“The second suspect, later identified as Mateo-Torres, also entered Macy’s, took 13 items of clothing from the store and then attempted to leave the store without paying for the items. Loss prevention and Oak Brook police officers were able to take him into custody without incident inside the store,” according to the station.

Like the previous two, both were also not detained — though in this case, at least they were reportedly placed on house arrest.

Then days later on Halloween, two other Venezuelan migrants, Luis Mendez-Gomez, 28, and Frank Montez-Davila, 23, stole more than $2,800 worth of goods from the same Oak Brook Macy’s.

“Officers who were patrolling the parking lot at Oak Brook Center on Oct. 31 allegedly noticed Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila behaving in a ‘suspicious’ manner as they left the Macy’s store. … The pair, who were carrying a ‘happy birthday’ bag and a backpack containing merchandise, got into a car and left the area,” WFLD reported.

“A short time later, officers stopped the vehicle and discovered 16 high-end fragrances and a pair of pants, worth a total of $2,832.50,” according to the station.

Luckily, in this case the judge, Joshua Dieden, chose to deny them pre-trial release.

In late November, two more Venezuluan migrants, Lenguieyer Guevara-Muro, 27, and Jinder Moises Angulo-Aparicio, 20, were arrested for committing the exact same crime.

“Guevara-Muro and Angulo-Aparicio walked into the Macy’s store, located at 1 Oakbrook Center, and put approximately $770 worth of clothing into a foil-lined bag. Store security approached Guevara-Muro after he left the store without paying for the merchandise, but he continued to walk away,” according to WFLD.

“An Oak Brook police officer who was on patrol in the area also asked Guevara-Muro to stop but he still refused. After a brief struggle with the officer, Guevara-Muro was taken to the ground and handcuffed, prosecutors said. Angulo-Aparicio left the store a short time later and was also arrested.”

So what exactly is driving this surge of Venezuelan illegal alien migrants all going to the same Macy’s to steal stuff? It’s not entirely clear, though critics have their suspicions:

What one critic wrote about kids was in reference to this pair of arrests:

Vivek Saxena


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