‘Asylum seekers’ seem to think they’ll be voting in 2024: ‘Of course, for Biden’

An eyebrow-raising video posted on social media shows migrants illegally in the U.S. saying that President Joe Biden has their vote.

That is, if they can cast a ballot.

The interviews with the purported illegal migrants are seen in a video posted by Nick Shirley and now circulating on X.

“Those that entered legally, have the right to vote,” one person said in Spanish in response to the question, “Do you have the right to vote?”

When asked who they will vote for, a woman responds, “Joe Biden. He’s helping us here.”

“I believe the majority are for Biden,” one man points out.

“Of course, for Biden,” another says.

“He likes supporting the migrants. He’s a very good person,” another man in a baseball cap says, adding, “and Trump is a different thing.”

None of the people interviewed were identified or confirmed as illegal migrants except through the information posted by Shirley. And there is no certainty that they will actually be able to register to vote or cast a ballot.

But the ease with which they all seemed to support Biden was bad optics for anyone claiming there is no migrant crisis.

Another video by Shirley showed migrants in Denver complaining about food being offered to them while sheltered in hotels, all on the taxpayers’ dime.

“Bad, bad, there’s no good food!” one woman says. “It’s f—ing bad!”

In yet another damning interview, the question of driving illegally without a license is the topic.

Asked if she can drive “without papers, without a license,” one young woman who confirmed she bought a car, said yes, “as long as you drive with caution.”

The outrageous confirmation of law-breaking happening under the purview of the Biden administration set off heated reactions on social media, including from X owner Elon Musk who was at a loss for words.

Frieda Powers


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