Attorneys for notorious mobsters say they’re ‘f—ing thrilled’ RICO laws turned on Giuliani

Some of the same gangsters that former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani took down in the 1980s are now thrilled over the RICO charges he’s facing.

As previously reported, Giuliani, former President Donald Trump, and a dozen or so others were indicted this Monday on 41 RICO-related charges stemming from their alleged effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The irony is that as a federal prosecutor back in the 1980s, Giuliani used these same RICO laws to decimate the Mafia and send a number of high-profile gangsters to prison.

Decades later, these gangsters are now salivating at the mouth over him now facing the exact same charges.

“You can quote me to say, ‘They’re f–king thrilled.’ I don’t want to say the language, but they really ripped Rudy a new a–hole,” veteran mob lawyer Murray Richman told The Messenger on Wednesday.

He added that “half of these guys love Trump” but not Giuliani.

“They freaking love Trump, but all of them are almost unified in their position of hating f–king Rudy,” he explained.

According to The Messenger, Richman’s former clients include “the late Lucchese family boss Carmine ‘Mr. Gribbs’ Tramunti and Dominick ‘Big Trin’ Trinchera, a Bonnano family capo who was killed with two others during a 1981 power struggle.”

Then there’s attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, who previously represented Gambino crime family boss John “Junior” Gotti.

“All of my clients who had the misfortune of being prosecuted by him are laughing now. As am I. I’m thrilled that Rudy will now experience what it feels like to be on the wrong end of a RICO prosecution — with a mandatory five years in prison facing him,” he said.

“It’s not just an ironic result but it’s a just result. He was a horribly dishonest prosecutor and the wheel of karma is about to crush him,” he added.

Next is attorney Ron Kuby, who reportedly represented Gambino associate Stephen “Sigmund the Sea Monster” Sergio during the 1990s.

“I have noted the reactions from some family members of alleged organized crime people, and they are thrilled and delighted,” he said.

“It is just delightful to watch the guy who expanded RICO prosecutions well beyond their original intent, and did so grasping for the biggest headlines, to watch him be indicted by the very law that he championed,” Kuby added.

It’s a remarkable fall from grace  from a guy who was once known as “America’s  mayor.”

“He rose to prominence as the most honest of them all—the only one who could take down organized crime, get the gangsters off New York’s streets and make the world safe,” veteran Democrat political consultant Hank Sheinkopf told The Wall Street  Journal.

“Now he’s going down into the sewer as a guy who’s undermining democracy,” he added.

ALLEGEDLY undermining democracy, and that’s only if you buy the charges against him. Not everybody does. Take legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, who penned a column this week arguing that what Trump and Giuliani did during the 2020 election was no different than what he and Al Gore did during the 2000 election.

“I was one of the lawyers involved in objections to Florida’s presidential vote in 2000. A margin of less than 600 ballots determined that Governor George W. Bush rather than Vice President Al Gore won the state and, thus, the electoral college vote,” he wrote.

“I was convinced then and I am convinced now that this result was wrong. No one was indicted, disbarred, disciplined or even much criticized for those efforts,” he added.

Conversely, Trump and 18 other defendants — including his legal team — have been charged with a myriad of crimes, including election fraud, conspiracy, racketeering and more. Yet what Gore and his legal team, including Dershowitz, did decades ago was no different than what Trump and his legal team did in 2020.

“I represented the voters of Palm Beach County, many of whom voted by mistake for Pat Buchanan rather than Gore because of the infamous butterfly ballots and hanging chads that prevented their votes from being accurately counted,” Dershowitz explained.

“During the course of our challenges, many tactics similar to those employed in 2020 were attempted. Lawyers wrote legal memoranda outlining possible courses of conduct, including proposing a slate of alternate electors, who would deliver our preferred election results to Congress,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Trump and his own attorneys are facing years in prison for drafting their own list of alternate electors, as well as for searching for votes.


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