MSNBC host tells viewers Americans don’t care about ‘Build Back Better’ price tag

Far-left MSNBC host Tiffany Cross claimed on Friday that most Americans don’t care about how much President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation is despite the fact […]

Domestic migration chart show stark differences between red and blue states

An analysis by the American Enterprise Institute found that for the most part, blue states lost population — and tax revenue — during 2021 while red states […]

Progressives planning 2024 primary challenge against ‘deeply unpopular’ Biden

Far-left Democrats were once hopeful that President Joe Biden would become a modern-day version of FDR, the 1930s-era progressive darling whose “New Deal” ushered in massive government […]

Celebs, wealthy buying guns in record amounts as crime soars in Los Angeles

Celebrities and other wealthy residents in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills have been flocking to gun stores to stock up on firearms and ammunition as violent crime […]

Tennessee beauty salon staff, barbers to be trained in spotting signs of domestic abuse

Employees and staff at beauty salons in Tennessee will be trained to spot signs of domestic abuse thanks to a new law that takes effect on New […]

Inescapable irony: Holocaust museum in Illinois requires visitors to show vaccine ‘papers’

A Holocaust museum in Illinois is engaging in what many see as the ultimate irony: Requiring all visitors to produce proof of vaccination from COVID-19 before they […]

Chief Justice Roberts cites ‘inappropriate political influence’ in year-end report

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts decried what he called “inappropriate political influence” in federal courts in his annual year-end report released on Friday as calls […]

Texas beats Biden admin again; federal court halts another vaccine mandate

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has once again beaten the Biden administration in federal court, winning an injunction against vaccine and masking mandates for Head Start programs. […]

Mike Pence joins forces with Heritage Foundation with official place at the table

Former Vice President Mike Pence will be joining the Heritage Foundation as speculation still swirls as to whether he is preparing to launch his own presidential bid […]

Americans resoundingly reject COVID tracking apps even as Omicron spreads

Most states and a majority of Americans are still refusing to use apps developed by Google and Apple for use on smartphones to inform persons when they […]

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