MSNBC host tells viewers Americans don’t care about ‘Build Back Better’ price tag

Far-left MSNBC host Tiffany Cross claimed on Friday that most Americans don’t care about how much President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” legislation is despite the fact that it would substantially raise taxes on companies and American families.

During a segment on “The ReidOut,” Democratic strategist Adrienne Elrod said she wished that the legislation had remained “a $6 trillion bill,” which was followed up with an observation from Cross who said even the current watered-down version would be historic, adding that the cost of the measure isn’t a concern for most Americans.

“I feel like a lot of the coverage this year was focused on how much this plan costs, and I think that matters to maybe inside-the-Beltway people, but American people across this country are not interested in how much it costs,” Cross claimed. “They have their own household debt to worry about. They want to know what policy will impact their lives tomorrow.”

One recent survey published by Fox Business found that around half of voters supported Build Back Better, though a sizeable plurality thought that the $1.75 trillion cost of the legislation would worsen already record-level inflation.

“The expansive bill addresses climate, housing, health care, child care, and a laundry list of Democratic agenda items,” Fox News added.

Cross, who was guest-hosting for Reid, also blasted Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who came out in opposition of the bill because he, too, believed it would make inflation worse. He has been subjected to the ire of left-wing Democrats and pundits since.

Previously, Reid declared Manchin the “absolute worst” after he announced he could not support the measure, effectively killing the legislation since all 50 Republicans in the evenly-divided Senate are also opposed.

Elrod went on to express optimism that the measure could pass some time this year, but that may not be possible given the 2022 election cycle that already appears to be favoring Republicans and will make it exceedingly hard for Democrats to hold onto their thin majorities in both legislative chambers.

“I think at the end of the day whatever we pass is going to be historic, and it’s going to be something we haven’t seen passed in Congress in several decades, and that’s going to be a big thing and a good thing for American people,” Cross said.

In November, critics attempted to sound the alarm over the legislation, claiming that the bill calls for massive tax increases, IRS intrusions, and other measures Democrats were downplaying.

Despite what the White House, Biden, and Democrats say, GOP lawmakers and analysts warned that ordinary American wage earners will most likely see their taxes increase. Worse, they would fall under new scrutiny from a newly empowered IRS that would be charged with finding every last dollar to pay for the nearly $2 trillion in spending.

“The spending is unsustainable. As Margaret Thatcher said, at some point, you run out of other people’s money,” Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) said.

She predicted that the “short-term impacts will be inflation and a higher cost of living — and the longer-term impact will be tax increases on the middle class.”

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan organization, initially projected the real cost of the measure to be $2.4 trillion, only to revise that figure in a subsequent study to roughly $4.9 trillion.

Jon Dougherty


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