Band of masked thieves captured in chilling footage, roaming Bay Area street at 2am

A band of at least seven thieves was captured on a Ring doorbell camera breaking into vehicles parked in the driveways of homes in a Bay Area community.

Wearing hooded sweat tops and covering their faces, the crooks are seen roaming a street and boldly breaking into vehicles — they showed little concern when a motion-activated light is seen coming on in the footage.

The incident took place in the early morning on July 6 in the Country Hills neighborhood in the City of Antioch, KRON reported.

“When I see them I didn’t know what was happening. I was like, ‘I hope they don’t try to go through the garage.’ I was like, ‘I am not going out there by myself.’ It was about 10 of them,” Mike Allen, whose vehicle was burglarized, told KRON.

In what is becoming an all too common response to rampant crime in Democrat-controlled areas, police are saying the incident is “unusual” because of the numbers involved.

“It is unusual that you see that many people, a large group, would go around looking into cars and walking the neighborhood,” Antioch Police Department Spokesperson Sgt. Price Kendall said, according to the affiliate. “This happens frequently. It’s usually one or two people and there is a car associated. On this evening, it was just a large group of people wandering the neighborhood.”

“There were definitely crimes of opportunity,” Kendall said. “Through one of the videos, you can see they were able to walk up to the car. The car was more than likely unlocked.”

While the criminal behavior took place in the dead of night, in nearby San Francisco thieves don’t bother to wait for the cover of darkness breaking into cars in the broad daylight. In fact, it’s so bad there that in many areas you can count on your car windows being shattered and your belongings being lifted.

Tom Tillison


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