Bannon mocks ‘gloating and smirking’ media ‘vultures’ and says lawfare will re-elect Trump

The risk Democrats have run in employing lawfare to make Donald Trump the most persecuted man in modern American history is that, at some point, the American people start becoming sympathetic to his cause.

Americans still believe in fairness, the left’s DEI charade notwithstanding, and the weaponization of the judicial system to target a political opponent appears to be backfiring on Democrats.

That’s according to former Trump aide Steve Bannon, who celebrated a “glorious morning” on his podcast on Monday, the same day Trump won his appeal of Judge Arthur Engoron’s staggering $464 million bond in his civil fraud trial, seeing its reduction to $175 million, a new 10-day deadline, and a stay on the enforcement of orders that would have kept Trump from applying for loans in New York and his sons from doing business there.

Trump was also in court Monday for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s alleged “hush money” case involving porn star Stormy Daniels and while noting that some Trump supporters are “bummed out a little bit because of President Trump being hauled into court today,” Bannon saw an opportunity.

“I said, ‘Hey, this gives President Trump a global platform,’” he said. “One of the reasons President Trump is back and leading is because half of his campaign is these court appearances and his very strong going to the mics after – the world media has to cover him.”

“You had CNN — you got them all down there gloating and smirking. Kaitlan Collins, that whole group of vultures all licking their chops, laughing because Trump’s in there, going to have his assets stripped from him,” Bannon continued. “This is one of the reasons he’s back and back in such a fury. That he’s back with so much momentum. The reason is because of that, because the lawfare is not working. You can look at every aspect, the lawfare is not working.”

He dismissed the talk about Trump dropping 5 points if he gets convicted.

“Well, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. To get convicted, you have to have a trial,” Bannon said, adding that people will be “infuriated” over the case Bragg presents.

With [Michael] Cohen, who has already purged himself in federal courts. One of the things they’re arguing about today, can Cohen even testify since he’s purged himself before,” he explained. “And Stormy Daniels — Bragg is taking these bizarre business misdemeanors, that aren’t even really misdemeanors, and doing some jujitsu and all sudden they’re felonies.

“No, that’ll work to our side too. The lawfare is not working,” Bannon concluded. “We can see that it’s a major part of Trump’s campaign. It’s the reason, you know, Biden’s got $2 billion. They’re raising more money because they understand the day we take over, the day Trump walks into the Oval Office, we take over. We’re taking this thing apart brick by brick. They’re in total panic mode.”

Tom Tillison


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