Bannon unloads on Mike Johnson: ‘You hate the country, right?’

Former White House senior adviser Steve Bannon laid into House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) for his “bald-face” lies and said he should be removed from the leadership position.

Bannon spoke on his War Room podcast Wednesday with guest Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.)  who has been vocal in her opposition to Johnson as the Republican leader in the House of Representatives.

“Speaker Johnson needs to answer one basic question. We know you lied to everybody. You bald-faced lie to everybody to their face, on securing the southern border. Bald-faced lie, ” Bannon said.

“In addition. What is going on with all of this, standing up for President Trump about a vast criminal conspiracy going on in FBI and  DOJ that clearly people in the House are working on it,” Bannon continued.

“Why has it not come out sooner and why, knowing what was in these reports? Because these reports have been worked on for months and are very detailed and very footnoted. How could you possibly fund the DOJ and the FBI before you had them down and had an accounting about this?” he added.

Bannon, a former investment banker and co-founder of Breitbart News, ripped Johnson over the border crisis and accused him of being “part of the conspiracy” against former President Donald Trump.

“Outright those two elements alone. Forget everything else. Those two elements alone demand he be removed. Demand he be removed,” Bannon said.

“If you’re prepared to go along with this, if you’re prepared to have your congressman go along with this. If the Republicans in the House are prepared to go along with this, then that means you hate MAGA, you hate the Republican Conference, you hate the country, right?” he continued.

“And you’re part of the… you’re part of the conspiracy to actually take down Donald J. Trump. Them’s the facts, Congressman,” he concluded.

Frieda Powers


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