Barron Trump LIFE NEWS – ‘source’ reveals how Melania Trump’s reacting…

With former President Donald Trump in the news for his legal woes, one name we won’t be seeing much belongs to his wife.

Melania Trump is reportedly staying out of her husband’s affairs, refusing to comment on his viral mugshot as well as the charges that led to it. According to sources who spoke with People, she is instead focusing her efforts on Barron Trump and his future.

“Melania knows who her husband is, and while she deplores the indictments as much as her husband, she wouldn’t be surprised by his mug shot or make comments about it,” claims the source.

Another anonymous source who runs in “New York-Palm Beach social circles” noted that life is going on despite the indictments against the former president, and Melania is refusing to let the media dictate where she spends her energy.

“Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media. Of course these criminal charges are embarrassing to Melania and to Donald, but life goes on and each reacts to stress in different ways.”

Most specifically, she is reportedly spending time with her 17-year-old son Barron, helping him weigh different colleges.

“Remember Melania is a mom with a not-yet-adult son to protect,” another source noted. “A mug shot that everyone is talking about is just one more issue to wade through.”

And “protect” would be the correct word.

As American Wire News reported on August 22, a Chicago woman was arrested by Secret Service after allegedly communicating threats against the lives of the former president and young Barron Trump.

“I will state that I will shoot Donald Trump Sr. AND Barron Trump straight in the face at any opportunity I get!” the woman, identified as Tracy Marie Fiorenza, reportedly wrote in an email to a headmaster at a Palm Beach, Florida school.

Another email allegedly contains a second threat of violence.

“I’m going to slam a bullet into Barron Trump’s head with his father IN SELF-DEFENSE!” it reportedly reads.


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