Amateur boxer fights off 3 attackers, one with a gun, during brazen daytime attack in West Hollywood

A band of thugs were in for quite a surprise when they picked the wrong guy to rob. Rocco DiStefano is an amateur boxer and owner of […]

Kamala Harris lets slip an inconvenient truth about ‘woke’

Vice President Kamala Harris accidentally let the cat out of the bag with a warning about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. DEI practices have been put in place […]

Clip of Anne Hathaway dealing with adoring fans sparks polarizing debate

Let them eat cake! Or… in this case, take pictures – just don’t get too close. Actress Anne Hathaway has tongues wagging in all directions on social […]

‘He’ll be your boss one day’: Commies decry ‘child labor in America’ at sight of young kid behind a register

What’s wrong with a young impressionable lad learning about responsibility and hard work while earning a few extra bucks? Everything if you’re a communist. Somehow, some way, […]

‘Is sanity returning?’ States vowing support for Texas quickly grows, with some notable exceptions

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s mission to curb the massive influx of illegal immigrants pouring across the southern border is growing across America. After being dealt a blow […]

‘I believe it!’ Nikki Haley donor says ‘you wouldn’t believe’ where her hefty donations are coming from

Fox News Business host Neil Cavuto interviewed a Nikki Haley donor who candidly d information than Cavuto likely had bargained for. Building up to the Iowa […]

Say, what? Pelosi makes revealing statement when confronted on Trump becoming president again

Excuse me? Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to let Trump Derangement Syndrome get the better of her when asked about the upcoming presidential election. In a […]

‘She learned absolutely nothing’: Claudine Gay is finally OUT and her resignation letter is TELLING

Justice at last! Or, is it? After weeks of intense backlash, the embattled president of Harvard University is calling it quits. The radical leftist elite came under […]

Lara Trump drops jaws with BOLD New Year’s gown that leaves little to the imagination

Some say flaunt it if you’ve got it, and man, does Lara Trump got it! The stunning beauty and wife of Eric Trump posted a personal picture […]

American Airlines pilots coming from California praised after SCARY landing in London storm

London-bound passengers coming from the usually sunny skies of California had a terrifying experience after running into gusty winds. Experts say it’s during the take-offs and landings […]

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