Biden camp calls for censorship over latest footage it calls disinformation: Here’s the longer clip…

The Left and its media bullhorns are freaking out over a video of President Biden appearing to wander off at the G7 and being herded back, calling it “disinformation” and demanding social media censor the clip.

The media was “Big Mad” over the clip and wailed at “Murdoch outlets” such as the New York Post and Fox News for posting what they called a “misleading video” of Biden at the G7 during a skydiving show. But the full video tells the story… one that is pretty damning for the president.

After the skydivers landed, Biden turned and started off in a different direction from everyone else. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy was the one who brought him gently back into the fold of world leaders, attempting to make it look casual and failing.

After Biden turns around he looks tired, confused, robotic, stiff, and out of it, staring blankly at the skydiver as he puts his glasses on and keeps his mouth open. For all the world it looked like no one was home. The gathering was meant to be a sort of “family photo” for the G7 leaders. The president stood out as that elderly uncle who constantly gets lost and drools all over himself.

Several leftist media outlets and users on X blasted RNC Research for circulating the video, claiming that Biden did not “wander off,” all evidence to the contrary. The assertion is that the president went over to congratulate a skydiver who was packing his chute. However, he never actually engaged with the skydiver who apparently didn’t even notice Biden.

It appears that the video was not manipulated. Certain clips of it did not show the skydiver but in the end, Biden did not interact with him anyway. What you see is what you get and unfortunately for the president, it makes it clear he was befuddled and evidently not sure where he was.

While Russia has warships and hypersonic weaponry parked in Cuba’s port and is simulating war drills on our doorstep, Biden is off making deals to keep Ukraine flush with weaponry and billions of dollars over the next decade. His handlers, however, cannot hide the fact that the president of the United States has the cognitive capabilities of a rotting cabbage.

Enter Senior Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates who accused “Murdoch outlets” of “lying” via a statement.

“Joe Biden is *actually* making the rich pay their fair share in taxes, *actually* bringing violent crime to historic lows, *actually* rebuilding infrastructure, *actually* bringing jobs back from China, *actually* achieving energy independence, *actually* beating Big Pharma – so all rightwing propaganda can do is lie with cheap fakes,” he falsely claimed.

Despite the tearing of hair, wailing, and rending of clothes, no one is buying the manufactured outrage anymore. Biden routinely wanders off and telling Americans not to believe their “lying” eyes isn’t working. It’s just about as successful as telling everyone the economy is good and they just aren’t bright enough to realize it.


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