Biden DOE hits Liberty University with largest ever $14M fine over campus safety reporting

The Biden administration has decided to target the most influential Christian university in America for allegedly violating the law.

At issue is the Clery Act, “which requires institutions that participate in federal student aid programs to report public safety issues on campus,” according to Roanoke, Virginia station WFXR.

Liberty University, located in Virginia, allegedly violated the act by not properly handling claims of crime and sexual abuse.

“The Department of Education’s Clery Act review, conducted by the office of Federal Student Aid, identified 11 violations, such as failing to maintain an accurate, daily crime log; failing to issue timely warnings to the campus community about reportable crimes; and failing to comply with numerous sexual violence prevention and response requirements,” according to CNN.

This reportedly isn’t the first time the university has violated the act.

Speaking with WFXR, two former Liberty University students said officials dismissed them when they reported being raped on campus.

“The victims always get the blame at Liberty for some reason. Like, I’ve never once seen justice go the right way,” former student Teagan Molinets said. “We cannot tell anybody at Liberty because I’ve heard horror stories, and I’m gonna get in trouble.”

“All I wanted was for them to say, ‘you know what, I’m so sorry this happened on our watch.’ And instead, I was called a liar, and instead, I was told this didn’t happen,” former student Sarah Mays added.

For violating the Clery Act, Liberty University has been fined $14 million by the Biden Department of Education.

“Through the Clery Act, schools are obligated to take action that creates safe and secure campus communities, investigate complaints, and responsibly disclose information about crimes and other safety concerns,” Richard Cordray, the Federal Student Aid’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

“We will continue to hold schools accountable if they fail to do so,” he added.

Liberty University has for its part cried foul, accusing the Biden administration of unfairly singling it out.

“The Department’s Clery Act Program Review [of Liberty University] covered more than seven years and is, by far, the most extensive review period of any higher education institution in the Department’s history of published reviews,” the university said in a statement.

“Many of the Department’s methodologies, findings, and calculations in the report were drastically different from their historic treatment of other universities. Liberty disagrees with this unfair treatment,” the statement continues.

Many Christian conservative critics also suspect that the Biden administration’s move against the university is unfair — especially in light of the administration doing NOTHING in the face of other schools tolerating rank anti-Semitism from their students.


But despite believing the school was unfairly targeted, university officials did admit that there were some failures on their part as well.

“While the university maintains that we have repeatedly endured selective and unfair treatment by the Department, the university also concurs there were numerous deficiencies that existed in the past,” the school’s statement continues.

“We have since addressed these errors through corrective measures, educational programming, changed policies and procedures, enhanced governance, increased expert staffing, additional investment in facilities, equipment, and software, and our renewed focus on student safety with our Title IX office being placed in the heart of the campus,” it concludes.

Vivek Saxena


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