Biden evaluates his own performance post-debate, ‘stunning’ CNN poll results show runaway winner

The best Team Biden could do after President Joe Biden’s cringeworthy debate performance, in which he personally showcased to the nation just how troubling his cognitive decline is, was to say that the 81-year-old president was suffering from a cold.

Biden’s performance has raised significant concerns and criticism, and a CNN flash poll taken after the debate showed that former President Donald Trump trounced him 67%-33%. This poll was taken by a network that has dedicated much of its existence over the past 8 years to destroying Trump.

The “stunning” poll numbers, as Alyssa Farah Griffin, the so-called Republican seat holder on The View, characterized the results, also showed that a majority of viewers have no confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country:

Things didn’t get any better for Biden afterward, as a clip of First Lady Jill Biden speaking to him as if he were a toddler during a post-debate rally made the rounds. But when reporters asked how he performed, Biden replied, “I think we did well.”

The question came as the Bidens curiously stopped by an Atlanta area Waffle House, apparently intent on continuing the “Scranton Joe” blue-collar façade.

The president was also asked if he had any concerns about his performance and he replied: “No it’s hard to debate a liar — the New York Times pointed out how he lied 26 times. Big lies.”

Having been told beforehand that Biden was under the weather, a reporter dutifully asked the president if he was suffering from a cold to get it on the public record.

“I am sick,” the frail octogenarian replied.

Pointing to the alleged dishonesty of his opponent, former President Donald Trump, was an interesting choice of strategy given Biden’s own performance.

The Trump campaign shared footage of CNN fact-checking “Crooked Joe Biden” and, well, it is safe to say that it wasn’t pretty:

Even the left conceded just how bad things were. Cenk Uygur, from The Young Turks, had an epic meltdown.

“And the whole time the split screen is killing Biden because he’s got his mouth open. He looks confused, doesn’t know where he is. He’s lost his train of thought at least twice in like disastrous shape. Those are gonna be played a billion times in viral video after viral video,” he ranted.

“This is an epic disaster,” Uygur continued. “It’s like I see people online saying, ‘Well, OK, that answer wasn’t so bad.’ Any particular answer doesn’t matter at all. This thing is over. He looks like he’s barely surviving. I don’t mean the debate. I mean life!”

Former CNN commentator Chris Cilizza was in agreement that Biden’s performance was a disaster.

“Look. This debate was a total and complete disaster for Biden. He looked old. His answers trailed off repeatedly. He was hard to understand. He would stop in mid sentence and move on to something else. I NEVER thought he would be this bad. Stunning. Truly,” he posted on X.

Tom Tillison


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