Jill Biden delivers most CRINGE moment of the night in a post-debate event

President Biden’s debate performance finally forced into the open the fact that the 81-year-old president is suffering from serious cognitive decline. In fact, his effort was so poor that the talking heads on CNN began their post-debate analysis by talking about the possibility of replacing Biden as the Democratic presidential nominee.

A CNN instant poll taken after the debate showed that former President Donald Trump won 67%-33%, and the fallout from this performance is likely to reverberate for some time. Even worse for Biden, the beatdown didn’t stop when the debate ended.

After the debate was over, there was a clip of First Lady Jill Biden helping her frail, feeble husband step down from the debate stage, but that paled in comparison to a video clip of Mrs. Biden speaking  to her husband, the president of the United States, like he was a toddler. What’s more, he looked on smilingly as if lost to reality.

“You did a great job, Joe! You answered every question. You knew all the facts,” Mrs. Biden proclaimed with excitement at a post-debate rally.

“This intro of Joe by Jill sounds like a mom congratulating her toddler for using the potty for the first time,” one Democratic voter told the Daily Mail.

Donald Trump Jr. shared the aforementioned footage of Jill Biden helping her husband off the stage, taking note of the contrast of how his father exited:

A particular clip from the debate seemed to sum up the night well. It came after a disoriented Biden appeared to lose his train of thought and spit out an incoherent conclusion to a point he was trying to make.

“I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either,” Trump said when asked to respond.

But social media reserved its ire largely for Jill Biden, with the term “elder abuse” being a common theme online.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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