Biden launches new veterans and military coalition after tragic Afghan diss during debate

President Joe Biden’s campaign has launched a veterans coalition in the wake of his major lie about the Afghanistan debacle.

During his debate weeks earlier with former President Donald Trump, the president claimed that zero troops have died under his tenure.

The argument drew massive backlash, given that 13 servicemen were killed during his administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

It’s perhaps for this reason that the president deployed Acting Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy to Phoenix this week to launch a “veterans and military-families coalition,” according to the New York Post.

Veterans “want leaders of character,” Murphy reportedly told a crowd of Arizona vets this Monday. “They want people who will do right by their families and by their nation.”

Murphy then, to his credit, acknowledged the 13 servicemembers who’d died during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

“Any time that you leave a country after war, it’s messy, right, and we lost 13 Americans,” he said. “I pray for them and their families.”

He went on to praise Biden and former President Barack Obama as per their joint efforts to “smoke out” Osama bin Laden following the Sept. 11th terror attack.

Of course, he conveniently neglected to mention that Biden had notoriously opposed the plan to kill bin Laden:

And then to make matters worse, Murphy went on to ludicrously blame Trump for Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

“It was Donald Trump that met with the Taliban over Thanksgiving before he left office, this is back in 2019, and cut the peace deal with the Taliban and then said ‘We’re going to be out by May,’” he claimed. “Joe Biden gets in there in January and he had to start with square one because [Trump] said one thing and didn’t do another.”

“It was the right decision to bring our troops home,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, at Monday’s hearing, local school board member Signa Oliver argued that Biden needs to remain in the presidential election.

“The Washington elite says to us, ‘We don’t care what you did,’” Oliver said. “How is that different than what Trump did leading up to Jan. 6th? They are disregarding our votes. Our votes matter, and we’re watching and we’re listening.”

That said, the president faces difficult numbers in Arizona. This week the Cook Political Report moved Arizona and a couple of other states from a “Toss-Up” to “Lean Republican.”

“Former President Trump now has an edge over President Biden in the three key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, per new ratings from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report with Amy Walter,” Axios confirmed.

“Why it matters: The new ratings underscore that even if Biden survives the calls for him to step down, the Democratic Party still faces a bigger challenge ahead: Winning in November,” the outlet’s reporting continued.

All this comes amid First Lady Jill Biden traveling to Florida to rally veterans.

“[I]n remarks at an American Legion post in Tampa, Florida, she said her husband considers support of the military and veterans a ‘sacred obligation’ that she contended contrasts with Trump,” the Associated Press reported.

“As commander in chief, President Biden wakes up every morning ready to work for you,” she claimed. “Donald Trump wakes up every morning thinking of one person and one person only: himself.”

Keep in mind the president is currently refusing to step down for the greater good of the Democrat Party entirely because of his and his wife’s personal ambition for power.

It’s so notable that even far-leftist MSNBC host Chuck Todd took note of it this week.

“It has made me want to rethink a lot of the Biden biography,” he said. “I still can’t believe he ran for president in the first place, given that his family was in crisis in 2018. Look at what has happened. I can’t believe he has put his family through this.”

“And now, looking at his behavior now, in clinging to this, I, you know, I think the entire narrative on Joe Biden is gonna change, in that he was — he’s always been — everything’s been about his ambition, and his ambition comes first,” Todd added.

Vivek Saxena


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