Biden reportedly goes casual, hoping to look young enough for White House job – it’s not going well

You know what would make Americans feel a whole lot better about President Biden’s penchant for forgetting where he is or what he is saying?

Fewer ties.

Without those constrictive nuisances — and with a few more “subtle shifts” — voters will surely see that the octogenarian isn’t too old to run a nation when the world is on fire.

As a “buttoned-up president who often appears behind a lectern in a suit and tie,” Biden is now “heeding pleas from top advisers to return to his original form, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations,” NBC News reported on Friday.

According to the outlet, that “original form” is “an affable everyman more comfortable in a Dairy Queen than the Situation Room.”

Because, obviously, what every concerned American wants when Iran is threatening World War III is a leader who can chillax in a Dairy Queen.

According to NBC News:

Biden, these people said, is taking advice from confidants who’ve suggested he try a more casual approach in public to try to ease one of voters’ chief concerns about his 2024 candidacy: his age.

That means more informal remarks, unannounced stops at diners and appearances in social media posts and on podcasts, as well as fewer ties and Rose Garden ceremonies. The series of subtle shifts, which aides say they’ve proposed to him in multiple conversations over the past few months, are meant to signal that Biden is more youthful than his 81 years might suggest.

Pennsylvania, the outlet stated, would mark the debut of a younger, looser Joe.

“One of the changes will be on display Friday when Biden travels to Pennsylvania. He plans to ditch his usual format of delivering a prepared speech to an assembled audience and to instead make a series of stops at smaller venues, according to the White House,” NBC reported. “The format, aides say, allows Biden to engage more organically, and directly, with voters.”

Well, Friday came, and, given that the notably tie-less president told a coffee shop clerk, “I work for the government in the Senate,” it is unclear how this strategy will help his image.

The need for Biden to be guided from spot to spot and told where to stand didn’t go unnoticed.

Nor did the short steps on the “smaller plane” he used to get to Pennsylvania or the fact that he didn’t take any questions from the press when he arrived.

And when he shuffled between chances for organic interactions, President Biden was called a “loser,” suggesting that the ties may not be the problem.

Biden’s aides suggested to NBC News that “social distancing” during the Covid pandemic, increased security, and “Biden’s own view of the presidency” is to blame for his grumpy, confused, old-man image.

“While he embraced an informal public approach as a senator, vice president and even a presidential candidate, Biden’s inclination since he entered the White House is to always appear ‘presidential,’ aides say,” the outlet reported. “He views the office with an old-fashioned reverence that aides say has led him to adopt a much more traditional and formal style for events both inside and outside the White House.”

Ahead of the Pennsylvania trip, Scott Mulhauser, Biden’s former deputy chief of staff and the vice president of his 2012 campaign, was optimistic.

“Campaign Biden is the best Biden,” Mulhauser said. “Moments like these, in particular, are a terrific reminder of how genuine he is, just how much he loves interacting with folks on the trail and discussing the issues that matter — and how great that is for him and for the campaign.”

For at least one user on X, these “moments” look an awful lot like “elder abuse.”

“This seriously looks like elder abuse by his handlers. The man can’t even remember he’s POTUS,” the user stated. “This isn’t the first time either. Where [is] Adult Protective Services?”

Melissa Fine


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