Biden tells phone workers not to disclose to voters that Warnock votes with him 98% of the time

Democrats have done a great job of keeping President Joe Biden away from Georgia before Tuesday’s runoff election in the critically important race for the last U.S. Senate seat that remains in play, and the octogenarian gaffe machine just delivered a perfect example of why he is treated as persona non grata in the Peach State.

Incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock is fighting for his political survival against his GOP opponent, former star NFL running back Herschel Walker, and the presence of Biden who remains a deeply unpopular leader despite his party’s overperformance in the midterm elections is clearly seen as far too risky for the obvious reasons.

One big problem for the anti-white, abortion-loving radical preacher is his voting record which is in lockstep support of the nation’s 46th president, not exactly a selling point with moderates whose votes will help to determine whether Dems are able to gain a 51-49 majority in the upper chamber. And in a video clip that is drawing attention, Biden admits that Warnock’s being a rubber stamp for his extreme policies could be a deal killer.

Biden’s candid remarks came during his speech to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers members in Boston who were manning a pro-Warnock phone bank, making calls to Georgia voters in the waning days before voters go to the polls.

“I can’t think of anything he hadn’t voted for with us,” he said. “There may be something. I — you know, I know it’s a problem because they’re running against him saying he votes 98 percent of the time with Joe Biden….I wouldn’t tell him that on the phone,” advising phone workers to not be truthful with Georgians on the other end of the telephone line.


On Friday, Biden responded to a reporter’s question on why he wasn’t going to be personally campaigning for Warnock.

“I’m going to Georgia today to help Sen. Warnock. Not to Georgia. I’m gonna help Senator Warnock by doing a major fundraiser up in Boston,” he said.

In Biden’s place, Democrats dispatched former President Barack Obama to stump for Warnock and in Atlanta this week, the party’s one guaranteed rock star seemed to take a jab at his former VP’s tendency to muck things up.

“Now, listen, this would be funny if he weren’t running for Senate,” Obama said. “We all know some folks in our lives who we don’t wish them ill will. They say crazy stuff, we’re like, well, you know, Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him. You know. It’s okay. They’re part of the family. But you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”

With early voting already well underway and the media pitching in with the pro-Warnock propaganda along with smearing Walker, neither candidate has pulled away in a race that was made necessary when neither of them cracked 50 percent in last month’s midterms, triggering the requirement for runoff what will determine whether Biden’s rubber stamp senator will get a full six-year term in Washington D.C.

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Chris Donaldson


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