Biden’s ‘hate of the union’ rant broke records, but not in a good way

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address may have pleased his most diehard supporters and fueled media gaslighting that the geriatric Democrat has been revitalized, but the numbers tell a different story.

In his first major speech since the damning report by special counsel Robert Hur who essentially found him to be too senile to face a jury, the 81-year-old ranted and raged at presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump in a nasty extended diatribe that some have dubbed his “hate of the union” address.

With media outlets uniformly using the term “fiery” to describe Biden’s speech as if they were state-run outlets, not even the Beltway elite’s preeminent propaganda organ could spin away the record-setting nature of this year’s SOTU.

“It’s not so clear the American public saw the home run that they did,” wrote the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake, citing the numbers of a post-speech CNN poll that showed “65 percent of viewers offered a positive review of Biden’s speech. Viewers also shifted 17 points toward believing the country is headed in the right direction — from 45 percent before the speech to 62 percent afterward.”

But the 65 percent number isn’t something for Biden and his allies to hang their hats on with CNN viewers being partisan in nature and even then, the 65 percent who loved the president’s dark rant “was actually lower than any such speech CNN has polled in the past quarter-century — the previous low being Donald Trump’s 2018 address (70 percent).”


The WaPo’s admission that CNN’s numbers were spin drew a reaction from X users.

“It’s early, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for other data — not just direct reviews of the speech, but evidence of any actual shifts in the electorate that come in the days and weeks afterward,” Blake wrote in a bit of turd polishing. “The basic reviews of the speech might not account for how people’s notions might have fundamentally changed on issues such as Biden’s acuity. Those will be the numbers we should really watch.”

Chris Donaldson


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