Bill Clinton reportedly lobbied Manchin against third party run

Democrats who feared that the third-party organization No Labels would be able to lure a candidate who would siphon votes away from President Joe Biden this November got a helping hand from Bill Clinton.

The former president reportedly played a big part in convincing former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) not to run as an alternative to Biden and former President Donald J. Trump, both had been touted as potential candidates.

According to a New York Magazine report, Clinton got to the former governor before an event in Little Rock, AR last year and “delicately made his view clear to the Republican, even though Hogan hadn’t asked: Any independent campaign of the kind No Labels was talking about could only benefit Donald Trump.”

Clinton would soon also make his view clear to Manchin who had drawn much speculation about a third-party run against Biden with whom he has publicly clashed.

According to the outlet, Manchin reached out to Clinton while the senator was vacationing in East Hampton and sought the former president’s “advice about his political future.”

“So when they met in person, Clinton decided to get considerably more forceful than their placid surroundings might have suggested. This time, he ditched the diplomatic niceties and told the senator sharply that he was risking putting Trump back in the White House,” according to the outlet.

Clinton appears to have been successful because as of Super Tuesday, neither of the two have announced a presidential run, leaving No Labels in a position of suddenly having no chance of fielding a big-name candidate with time running out.

Manchin recently said that he won’t be running for the White House and Hogan is focused on a Senate campaign. No Labels has recently expressed interest in Nikki Haley but the swamp queen isn’t going anywhere, especially after winning the Washington, D.C. primary.

But was Slick Willie really trying to save Biden or is there an ulterior motive?

Other details in the article indicate that the former president’s toxic wife has been lurking in the background and “has quietly been keeping in touch” with Vice President Kamala Harris as the 81-year-old Biden’s handlers struggle to keep him together until the election.

According to the outlet, “Hillary, meanwhile, has deepened her connection to Harris. At first, they linked up when the vice-president was preparing for her early foreign trips in 2021. In the years since, the talks between the first woman to hold the vice-presidency and the woman who’s come closest to being president have become less formal, more friendly, and more regular.”

“They speak over the phone, and their chats have since expanded to political conversations on the sidelines of official events and advice for Harris about specific appearances, such as when Hillary gave her tips for speaking at the New York Times’s Dealbook conference last year. She has also visited Harris at her home,” New York Magazine reported.

Some like Trump adviser Jason Miller have interpreted the article as meaning that Hillary is still a player.

With Biden’s ongoing troubles and the perception that he’s senile growing, the buzz has been that the party would swap him out at this summer’s Democrat convention with California Governor Gavin Newsom and former first lady Michelle Obama being the names most frequently mentioned but Hillary can’t be counted out.

Chris Donaldson


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