Bill Maher delivers reality check to harpies on ‘The View’ – Behar admits she’s ‘afraid’ to criticize Biden

Outspoken liberal comedian Bill Maher schooled the ladies of “The View” in an appearance filled with reality checks.

The host of HBO’s “Real Time” sparred with the ABC show divas in brutal takes on the Democrat Party and President Joe Biden, telling Joy Behar at one point that her “credibility” is at stake by refusing to criticize the commander-in-chief when warranted.

The heated interview even saw Maher lock horns with Sunny Hostin over Israel’s war with Hamas, as he contended any pro-Palestinian protesters should go live in Gaza. “Trust me, you would go running and screaming and begging to go live in Tel Aviv.”

Hostin pushed back by asking Maher about “the innocent civilians that have been collectively punished and murdered” and the International Criminal Court issuing a warrant for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, which Maher found “ridiculous.”

“They were attacked and they are defending themselves. Now this is a war, do you think Hamas needs to be destroyed? This is the question,” Maher asked, to which Hostin replied, “Yes.”

“So if they need to be destroyed, how do we do that? It’s a war. I don’t know how to do that, and you don’t know how to do that,” Maher said.

When she pressed again about lives lost, Maher responded, “That’s what happens in a war. Here’s a way to stop that, stop attacking Israel,” earning applause from the audience.

Earlier, Hostin had challenged Maher on his use of the term “woke,” expressing her surprise at hearing him say it and claiming it has been weaponized by the political right.

“Words do migrate, now I’ll use any term you want because maybe that is a word that is triggering, so let’s not use that word,” Maher said. “Want to call it the super far left?”

When he said he would describe himself as an “old-school liberal,” Hostin replied, “You’ve changed, though.”

But Maher was unafraid of the challenges from the women at the table and warned them about their hyper-partisan support of anything Biden does.

“I’m nervous about saying anything against Biden because I feel as though – not that I have so much power, and you have some more than I do, obviously – but are you afraid that you might, you know, influence the people who are on the fence?” Behar asked him.

“I think you lose all credibility,” Maher told Behar. “I do. My bond with my audience has always been I don’t pull a punch. My bond with my audience is you’re not going to like everything I say but you know I’m saying what I really think is true.”

He took a spotlight to Biden’s chances of being reelected and his age issues.

“I saw him yesterday making that speech,” Maher said. “I mean, I’m sorry, he’s cadaver-like.”

Behar pushed back, insisting “but his brain is good, he’s still great,”

“When I came back from the strike in September I said he should get out,” Maher said. “Because he’s just lost the faith of people. It’s not fair. He’s actually done a pretty good job, but I said he’s going to be ‘Ruth Bader Biden’ is the term I used. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, she stayed too long at the fair.”

“I remember Obama had her over to the White House like in 2013 to hint, you know, ‘Hey, spend more time with the grandkids, would that not be a good idea, Ruth?’ And she didn’t take the hint, and she was not in good health, and she stayed too long, and she ruined her legacy and got the Supreme Court now to be a pretty right-wing organization,” Maher continued.

“I said Biden shouldn’t do that, but you know? Ego. He’s Dracula. He has crossed oceans of time to be here, and he’s not going to give it up now,” he added.

At one point the comedian and television host took issue with Behar declaring that supporters of former President Donald Trump “might as well put a swastika” on their MAGA hats.

“I’m not going to defend Donald Trump ever, but I would never say that we should put the swastika on the cap because I think you can hate Donald Trump, you can’t hate everybody who likes him. It’s half the country,” Maher said. “I don’t want to live in that country, I don’t want to live in the country where I hate half the country – and I don’t hate half the country.”

Frieda Powers


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