Bill Maher says Trump could throw him in Gitmo, vows to ‘do everything I can’ to stop him

HBO talk show host Bill Maher is resigned to accept the results if former President Donald Trump is re-elected in November, but he’s vowing to “do everything” he can to stop that from happening.

While the “Real Time” host has been critical of Democrats more and more recently, he is not throwing any support behind Trump, whom he has criticized from the start.

“What I have decided to do is not preemptively give up my nervous system to Donald Trump like I did last time, or maybe the last two times,” he told Variety in a new interview.

“If he wins, he wins. I’ll do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but none of us have much influence,” he added.

With “Real Time” currently enjoying its 22nd season on HBO, Maher announced the launch of a new podcasting network, Club Random Studios, based on the format of his “Club Random” podcast.

Maher spoke to Variety about the current divisiveness in the country and his future under Trump.

“The country is polarized. It’s like a prison yard — you’re either one team or the other,” he said.

“Everybody says they want to be in the middle, but really they just go to their corners,” Maher added before laughing about not worrying “constantly.”

“So either Trump will win or he won’t,” he told Variety.

“And when he becomes president, either he’ll blow up the world or put me in Guantanamo Bay or whatever,” he added, “but I just cannot worry about it constantly.”

Maher’s “Real Time” show on HBO was renewed for two more seasons this month. After its Friday night broadcast, the show will now be airing on CNN on Saturday nights.

On his new Club Random media venture, Maher said, “The style of my podcast has notable differences from other ones, and we wanted to replicate that a bit.”

“People want to hear not just a few voices, like in the old days when there were three talk shows,” he said. “These are people who I would be interested in listening to.”

While Maher is no fan of Trump and uses every chance he can get to blast the former president, his biting criticism is freely distributed to Democrats as was seen in a recent segment when he called out the party for pandering to voters.

“I do give a s— about who wins the next election. And outdated racial pandering is one reason Democrats lose elections,” Maher told viewers. “When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi put on Kente cloth, I don’t think it earned them one vote for their powerful emotional ties to Ghana.”

“It’s not working for them or for us. Democrats are hemorrhaging the very voters they think they’re pandering to,” he added. “Far-left liberals are living in an old paradigm. Americans don’t fit into neat little boxes anymore.”

“My point is look, you’re still building your politics around slicing and dicing people into these fixed categories. Democrats need to get the memo that you can’t win elections anymore by automatically assuming you’re going to get every voter who’s not these guys,” Maher said. “The more you obsess over identity, the more you ignore the bread and butter issues that win and lose elections. The real issue is class, not race. And the real gap is the diploma divide. And the real future of the party and maybe democracy depends on Democrats figuring that out.”

Frieda Powers


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